Sony PS5 Pro leak: Next-gen console with improved performance

Sony PS5 Pro leak: Next-gen console with improved performance

A new gaming console from Sony is reportedly in the works. The latest leak hints that the upcoming console could become a powerhouse in the world of gaming, thanks to significant improvements in ray tracing and GPU performance. So, here are all the details.

Sony PS5 Pro may receive a significant hardware update

The news came from TheVerge, which shared the codename “Trinity” of the upcoming Sony PS5 Pro. The publication cites sources claiming that Sony has started asking developers to make their games compatible with PS5 Pro. The leaked documents indicate that Trinity is a “high-end version” of the PlayStation 5. This means that it is a more powerful console compared to the PS5 Slim, which only offers an updated body.

It is not known whether the brand will continue to sell the standard PS5 after the release of the PS5 Pro. But based on what we know at the moment, the Pro model will offer a more powerful GPU and a slightly faster CPU mode. With the hardware upgrade, Sony can offer a 45 percent performance boost over the base PS5. The document adds that the game console will also have a “more powerful ray tracing architecture”.

Reportedly, ray tracing on the PS5 Pro can be up to three times faster than on the base PS5. These improvements should also apply to memory. The PS5 offers 448GB/s memory speeds, which can increase by 28 percent at 576GB/s. It seems that the brand has even started sending out PS5 Pro test kits to developers so that they can create games that take advantage of the new, more powerful console. Unfortunately, it’s not yet known when Sony will unveil the PS5 Pro, so stay tuned.


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