Nova Post reduces the cost of delivery to the USA up to 4 times

Nova Poshta has reduced the cost of delivery to the USA up to 4 times

To make it more profitable for customers to ship, Nova Post has introduced a convenient tariff gradation for parcels with a weight of 100 grams. That is, the customer pays not within the weight categories of up to 2 kg, up to 10 kg and up to 30 kg, as it was before. Instead, they pay different prices for 0.1 kg, 0.4 kg, 1.5 kg, etc.

The new pricing will be the same for both private and business customers. For example, now the delivery of documents up to 100 grams costs 350 UAH instead of 1300 UAH, a 0.5 kg parcel costs 650 UAH instead of 1400 UAH, and a 15 kg shipment costs 4600 UAH instead of 6800 UAH.

The company wants to help Ukrainian businesses successfully export their goods around the world, so it has agreed with its partners on a significant change in tariffs to the United States for customers, 70% of whom make shipments weighing less than 2 kg.

This was stated by Yuriy Benevitsky, CEO of Nova Post Global.

“In addition, the duty-free threshold for importing goods here is $800, which means that everything below this value is delivered without additional customs payments for the recipient.”

Most often, Ukrainians sell their goods in the United States through online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and etsy. The most popular Ukrainian goods among American consumers are national clothing and products with Ukrainian symbols, home decor, handmade and craft goods such as souvenirs, jewelry, and accessories.

Delivery time to the United States is 10 days or more to any address throughout the country. You can send a parcel from any Nova Post branch. To do this, you can create an international label yourself through the mobile app and business account, or the operator will issue it at the branch.


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