Gelius Tactical Navy – a powerful smartwatch for the military

Gelius Tactical Navy - a powerful smartwatch for the military

Gelius Tactical Navy (Pro GP-SW007) Military is a powerful smartwatch in an IP68 protected case. In addition, this model is interesting for its support of a large number of sports modes, excellent battery life, a clear HD display, and many other interesting things. All this and more will be discussed further in the review.


But okay, let’s talk about everything in order. First of all, the box. It’s compact, made of cardboard and, of course, has a Gelius design, so it won’t be difficult to recognize among the array of competitors’ offers. The packaging is modular – the white box itself and a bright case with a detailed illustration of the product, as well as a lot of various data on the watch’s capabilities, plus some technical information about the brand itself. All of this together is a good technical “guide” and therefore deserves a more thorough study. However, this is the topic of the next section of the review. So don’t switch to it.

Information from the box walls

Gelius loves its connoisseurs and confirms it with various gifts.

This model is no exception, and there is a corresponding confirmation on the front. But let’s get into the details a little later.

Among other things, one of the several illustrations of the product is included here. The latter is quite detailed, and it is a plus if you want to familiarize yourself with the appearance of the product without taking it out of the box. And then there’s the name of the product, the Gelius logo, and a few footnotes on some of the key features.

The back wall is no less interesting. First of all, there is a list of key “iron” features, in several languages. In addition, there is some technical information about the Gelius brand itself, plus a QR code that will take you to the Google Play Market page with the DaFit app – more on that later. And something else worthy of note is the illustration of the watch in two colors. We’ll come back to colors later. Stay tuned.

Package contents

And now for the gifts. First of all, an additional strap, also in military colors, made of surprisingly good strength silicone. In addition to it, there is also a charger compatible with a non-removable USB plus cable and a protective film for the display. The latter is the first time I’ve seen it personally, but it’s a nice bonus, no doubt.

The user manual was not forgotten either. There is also a tab with warnings about the use of the device. But I did not find a document certifying your warranty rights here. Well, the alternative in this case is classic – a receipt certifying the official purchase.

Specifications of Gelius Tactical Navy

  • Display – IPS, HD 1.8 inches, 280×320 pixels;
  • Processor – GR5515+AC6959A;
  • Bluetooth 5.0;
  • Battery – 320 mAh (standby time – up to 21 days, usage time – up to 10 days);
  • Built-in microphone (making or receiving calls);
  • Built-in speaker;
  • Voice assistant;
  • Heart rate monitoring 24/7;
  • Blood oxygen level monitoring (Spo2);
  • Blood pressure;
  • Weather conditions;
  • Changeable screensavers for the home screen;
  • More than 50 additional Watchfaces in the app;
  • Ability to set a screensaver with a smartphone photo;
  • Activity monitoring (steps, calories, distance traveled);
  • Activity statistics;
  • Multifunctional sports activities;
  • Playback of notifications and reminders (messengers, apps, etc.);
  • AGPS – (uses the GPS module of the smartphone);
  • Features – breathing exercises for health, control of the camera and music player of the smartphone, stopwatch, alarm clock, countdown timer, flashlight (change of color mode), brightness control (affects the operating time of the device), rest modes – do not disturb, sleep control mode, phone search.


Let’s face it – Gelius Tactical Navy (Pro GP-SW007) is the most military of the watches I’ve ever seen, although I’ve seen a lot of solutions in a protective case. There are several reasons to think so, and the main one is not so much the military-style strap as the successful combination of a metal frame in which the display is “buried” with surprisingly hard plastic.

I also liked the small thickness of the case. As a result, the watch sits well on the wrist without sticking out too much. In addition, although the model is protected, the assembly itself does not look in any way vulgar. Everything is clear, sophisticated and somewhat elegant in its own way – it will suit both a dress uniform and the look of a soldier who has just come out of the trench.

Another interesting thing is the dials. The latter are organized in a very cool way – you can keep the main indicators, as they say, “at hand” and it often helps out. But OK, if the above arguments are not enough, let’s move on to look at the build quality.

Build quality

Really high-quality and sturdy case. You notice this from the first minutes of acquaintance with the product. Several weeks of fairly intensive use of the watch did not reveal any frankly weak links in this “chain” – both the materials themselves and the quality of the fit of the parts to each other are excellent.

A nice “bonus” is the metal frame around the display cover. It not only strengthens the case construction in general, making it resistant to shocks, but also additionally protects the display from environmental influences. Additional protection is provided by a special film, which is included in the package.

The manufacturer has organized the placement of the speaker and microphone in an interesting way. Both of them are behind, both in the form of miniature slots, very neatly placed on the left and right. These elements are protected from moisture ingress, which is confirmed by the IP68 protection standard – we’ll come back to it.

The straps are classic, as is their format. As for reliability, no questions asked, everything is cool. Replacing the strap at the user level is possible and can be done without any special knowledge or skills.

IP68 case protection

The watch case is protected according to the IP68 standard. This is an additional very nice bonus, without which it would be very difficult to imagine a smartwatch with a clearly military “correction”.

What does the standard provide? In short – any water “procedures”, including diving to a depth of 1.5 meters for half an hour. It is clear that it will also cope well with “sandstorms”.

I would like to summarize this section with a line of official data – the operating temperature of the watch is from minus 20 to plus 40 degrees Celsius. That is, they are suitable for our climate, as they say, 9 times out of 10.

The strap

The standard delivery set includes two straps. They are cut off from each other by a shade. There are no differences in shape, as well as in the standard of fastening. Thus, there will be no problems with the issue of replacement. The latter was checked personally.


As for colors, or rather, shades, the version of the product with the Military prefix has two pixelated shades. The Black version has a black strap worn on the case by default, as well as another pixelated shade. Details are in the illustrations below.

The material of the straps is hypoallergenic silicone. Thus, you can forget about any possible skin irritation. As for the attachment format, in both cases, both the attachment of the strap to the watch and its fixation on the user’s wrist do not raise any questions – it is perfectly designed, and I had plenty of time to prove it.


Another plus point for Gelius Tactical Navy (Pro GP-SW007) Military for a good HD screen with a resolution of 280×320 pixels. It’s responsive to presses, and what’s also nice is that it doesn’t allow you to make mistakes. At least I didn’t have any at the very beginning of my acquaintance.

Display settings and features

The first thing worth noting here is the surprisingly good color reproduction capabilities of the screen from the corners. There are virtually no changes, and I personally liked it very much.

The brightness is only adjustable manually, but this is absolutely normal for such devices. The manufacturer took into account the possibility of quick (in 1-2 clicks) access to the appropriate scale.

One of the other interesting things is the activation of the “Movie” mode, which means reducing the brightness to zero. From the point of view of efficiency, you should like it.

You can install various watch faces through the DaFit app – we’ll talk about this in a separate section.

The display is covered with glass with good resistance to environmental influences. In addition, the manufacturer has reinforced it with an additional protective film, though the user will have to glue the latter on his own. I don’t know about anyone else, but I personally don’t think this is a problem at all.


The capacity of the built-in battery is 320mAh.

Battery life and charging speed

Gelius Tactical Navy (Pro GP-SW007) Military is no less interesting in terms of autonomy. The manufacturer claims (and I proved it in practice) about 21 days of standby time and up to 10 days in classic use. As for me, this is a very good result.


What should you know about the menu of GP-SW007? The first thing is that it is quite large, which is logical at least on account of the declared functionality. The second thing is that it can be “built” in two formats – in the form of a grid or a list. Both the first and the second can be done in two clicks from the quick menu – we will return to it later.

The illustrations below show how the menu looks like in both formats. Which format do you like better? Personally, I like the grid. Yes, it takes a little getting used to, but the accuracy of the display, the ability to keep almost all items in sight – in short, it is “catchy”.

A few words about what items the menu consists of: “Notifications”, “Sports”, “Sleep”, “Pulse”, “Exercises”, “Phone”, “Measure blood pressure”, SPO2, “Voice search”, “Weather”, etc.

Quick settings panel

Here, as for me, everything is simple. The panel itself is designed in the same style as the corresponding analog in Android smartphones. We get access by simply swiping from top to bottom while on the start page. Let’s look at the illustrations below to see what options are available to the user.

DaFit app

Of course, the user can work with the Pro GP-SW007 without installing the application, using the key functionality of the watch, but this way you will not reveal the capabilities of the product to the fullest.

Distribution of the app is free of charge. Available for iOS and Android platforms.

First settings in the DaFit app

Everything is easy here. The first settings are to enter your gender (male/female), date of birth, and height and weight.

After this, let’s say, “registration” in my case, I received a small system update, which, of course, is always nice.

A few minutes later, the update was installed and I could start working.

Features of the application

The application menu consists of three large sections: “My”, the menu of the connected device, in our case – GP-SW007, and, relatively speaking, the menu of current achievements for today.
The first of these contains a user profile, a goal, and a subsection that allows you to synchronize your steps with Google Fit.

The second section allows you to set up notifications, an alarm, and check for updates, etc. Speaking of updates, I received the software of the corresponding nature already at the first connection.

And the third of these items records your current achievements of the day. In addition, in the same submenu there is a section that records your exercises, the time spent on them, etc. “stuff”. In short, it’s convenient.

Gelius Tactical Navy (Pro GP-SW007) Military

Impressions of the functionality

Gelius Tactical Navy (Pro GP-SW007) Military looks interesting in terms of functionality.

First of all, the organization of the menu start page. So, for example, by swiping from right to left, the user gets access to phone functions (dialing, viewing recent calls, contacts). Swiping in the opposite direction from the start page provides quick access to the settings, as well as the possibility of some measurements (pressure, pulse, etc.). From top to bottom, you can quickly adjust the brightness level, switch the screen to Movie mode, etc. Finally, the characteristic bottom-up movement is a quick access to the “Notifications” item. All these “things” are convenient, and getting used to this format will not take a few days.

You can go to the main menu from the start page by pressing the BACK button. The rest of the operation is intuitive.

As for connecting to a smartphone. Personally, I recommend leaving it always active. If such “permanence” is not your thing, then do it at least as often as possible. This is necessary for the correct recording of data and subsequent tracking of parameter changes.

As for the accuracy of the indicators. The watch manufacturer asks that you consider these indicators as indicative. Just out of curiosity, I took measurements of blood pressure, pulse, and some others, comparing the readings with the figures obtained from the corresponding medical devices. I was satisfied with the results – the difference is not significant at all. So, in my opinion, these indicators can at least be used as a basis.

Conclusions and summary

To summarize, on my own behalf, I would like to praise Gelius for a really good solution that will be interesting, in particular for the military.

First, you continue to monitor your physical condition even when you are at the so-called “zero”.
Secondly, with the appropriate settings, you have to use your smartphone as little as possible – you can simply hide it in your backpack, and you will get everything you need from the watch.
Thirdly, there is a protective case, so there are no special operating conditions. Yes, only a bulletproof vest will protect you from a bullet or shrapnel, and even then not always, but at the same time, you won’t have to repair your watch every time you get muddy, dusty, or swim.

The product will also be interesting for outdoor enthusiasts, because there are many useful features that will help you quickly learn about your parameters and record them for comparison. In short, I personally recommend it. The system works stably, the battery life is good, and the functionality and protection are enough to interest even the most picky user.

Gelius Tactical Navy GP-SW007 Military cost 2599 UAH ($70).


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