Ming-Chi Kuo on iOS 18: Advanced AI features may not appear at launch

Ming-Chi Kuo on iOS 18: Advanced AI features may not appear at launch

On the eve of WWDC24, industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shares his thoughts on iOS 18 and other developments Apple is going to announce at the upcoming event. We have already heard that the company is working on artificial intelligence features for future Apple devices. Kuo confirms that the company is going to announce a number of AI features. The WWDC24 keynote session will start at 10:30 PM ET on June 10 (today).

Kuo believes that Apple is integrating powerful features into all aspects of iOS 18 and its system applications. The company’s AI assistant, Siri, will receive a significant upgrade, as we reported earlier. However, Kuo notes that the capabilities of the built-in AI functions will be limited due to the fact that 8 GB of memory will not be enough for a large language model. For those who are not aware, Apple will combine local and server-based LLM for AI functions.

AI server functions can be deployed later in stages

It is noteworthy that Kuro does not consider the development of AI at Apple a breakthrough achievement in this field. However, he expects Apple’s significant investments in machine learning and artificial intelligence in recent years to pay off in the future. According to his research, the volume of iPhone 16 series shipments in Q2 2024 may be slightly lower than in the same period last year.

Server-based LLMs also require more training time compared to smaller device-based models. According to Kuo, more advanced server-dependent features may be rolled out later in phases rather than fully launched with the iPhone 16 series. Reportedly, more advanced AI features will also be limited to iPhone 15 Pro models, as well as the iPhone 16 series and above.

We have already heard about Apple’s agreement with OpenAI and Google on AI server functions. However, Kuo downplayed the importance of partnerships with other AI companies. He believes that cooperation with Apple will mainly focus on the “encapsulation model” of user-application interaction.

He summarized that after WWDC24, Apple will no longer be perceived as a company that lags behind others in the AI race.


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