MOROZ robot attacks as part of assault team

MOROZ robot attacks as part of assault team

Every innovation at the front means saved lives of our military. That is why one of the top areas of work of the Brave1 cluster is ground robotic systems. The robots perform tasks remotely, and the operator is safe.

One of these developments from Brave1 participants is the MOROZ reconnaissance and strike system. It attacks as part of assault groups and is on duty at combat positions. But the main thing is that the operator is in a dugout or building at a distance of up to 1.4 km.

Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov wrote about it in a statement.

Characteristics of the MOROZ robot

The MOROZ can be equipped with a 7.62-mm machine gun. The system also works efficiently both day and night – it has a camera with a 30x zoom and a sight with a thermal imager and rangefinder.

MOROZ can engage unarmored and lightly armored vehicles.


With a load of 300 kg in a trailer on a rough surface, it can withstand more than 3 hours of continuous operation – it has a 180 Ah battery.

A diesel generator is required to charge the battery, but the robotic complex has a long autonomy in the facility security mode (up to 48 hours).

After completing the tasks, the robot returns to the place where the diesel generator is located, while the generator can also be placed on the robotic complex itself.

Hurry to the front line

MOROZ has been codified, and there are already first contracts with government customers. It is also one of the robots that UNITED24 is collecting funds for.

A year ago, we launched the Brave1 cluster to bring more defense technologies to the frontline. There, progressive innovators and engineering talents develop their ideas to help our defenders with innovations. Join Brave1 and make a difference on the battlefield.



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