Lenovo may introduce a new AI-based OS this year

Lenovo may introduce a new AI-based operating system this year

Lenovo hasn’t introduced any software innovations in a long time. The Hong Kong-based company is strengthening its position in the tech world by working on a new operating system with artificial intelligence (AI) that could give Windows 11 a run for its money. At CES 2024, Lenovo CEO Liu Jun spoke about the company’s plans to release an AI operating system this year. The move is apparently part of Lenovo’s big push into AI; the company seems serious about leading the charge in smart technology.

AI is penetrating almost all platforms, and Lenovo wants a piece of the pie

Last year, Lenovo was all about bragging about their full intelligent stack strategy. Now they are moving forward with an AI operating system focused on AI computers and personal assistants. The idea is to make computers and devices smarter at understanding what we want using natural language. This means that our gadgets will be able to understand our needs much better without the need to spell everything out.

The first batch of Lenovo’s AI-powered smart PCs is expected to hit store shelves in the first half of this year. They are designed to be extremely intuitive, with the ability to recognize user intent. In addition, Lenovo is developing smart devices with built-in artificial intelligence, emphasizing that they are designed to respect user privacy and security.

The new AI operating system isn’t just about launching great devices; Lenovo wants to launch an AI computer ecosystem. This is very important, because it’s not just about making cool products, it’s about changing the way technology works for us every day.

As tech giants in China and around the world struggle to create their own operating systems, Lenovo’s new Lenovo project could be a game changer. If they succeed, Lenovo’s AI OS could stand toe-to-toe with big names like Microsoft’s Windows 11. Immersing an organization in AI could be a game changer, making technology smarter and more relevant to our lives.


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