Electronic warfare modules for all bands are needed

AD Counter FPV blocks radio frequencies of Russian drones

The Russian army began using 500 MHz frequencies on FPV drones. The Ukrainian Armed Forces were not ready for this. Military communications expert Sergei Flesh (Beskrestnov) writes about this in his article.

“I have written about other FPV frequencies many times. It was not a secret for everyone. We know how to fly them ourselves. But what is the problem? Absolutely all manufacturers of trench electronic warfare in the country operate on commercial production principles. Resources are ordered for production. In our case, these are electronic warfare modules from China. The module “covers” one range. The resources are ordered according to the need (demand),” says Flesh.

According to him, no manufacturer will freeze its assets “just in case”. He will not buy 300-400 MHz modules for $50 thousand to keep them in a warehouse somewhere.

There are a lot of ranges, so it is not known what the Russians will start using tomorrow. Plus, everyone knows that this is how the mentality of customers works. After all, if the war stops, these modules will instantly become unwanted illiquid junk.

“There is only one option. At the expense of the state, we need to buy a strategic stock of modules for ALL ranges to meet the needs of the Armed Forces while the rest of the cargo is being delivered from China,” the expert said.

In his opinion, we should be prepared for drones flying at 270-300 MHz or other frequencies.


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