OPPO Watch X has better fitness tracking and constant connectivity

OPPO Watch X has better fitness tracking and constant connectivity

OPPO AED Ukraine has presented its new flagship smartwatch – OPPO Watch X, a reliable companion designed to take every moment of life to the next level with dual-frequency GPS and numerous exclusive fitness monitoring features.

Thanks to its dual-core architecture and Google’s Wear OS hybrid interface, Watch X has the industry’s best endurance, providing up to 100 hours of battery life. In addition, the watch works for up to 12 days in power saving mode. Powered by Wear OS 4, the latest version of the platform, Watch X features intelligent connectivity and an extensive ecosystem of Google Play apps.

Персональний тренер від OPPO Watch X 

Personal trainer from OPPO Watch X

Due to the growing need for more actionable fitness monitoring data from smartwatches, OPPO has made accuracy a priority with the new Watch X. OPPO Watch X is equipped with dual-frequency GPS with the ability to receive both the common L1 GPS signal and the more advanced L5 GPS signal.

Positioning accuracy

The use of two separate antennas for each GPS signal further improves positioning accuracy and reliability for users when running, cycling, hiking, or exercising in poor GPS coverage.

With dual-frequency GPS, as well as a high-precision accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer sensor, Watch X provides more consistent data tracking for more accurate measurements when tracking workout routes. OPPO and Wear OS have worked closely together to improve the capabilities of these sensors.

Automatic recognition

OPPO Watch X also provides automatic sports recognition with the ability to detect when the user is walking, running, cycling, swimming, or using a rowing machine. For runners, the Watch X takes it one step further by adding running pose recognition.

This feature can determine the runner’s ground contact time (GCT), the balance between left and right foot GCT, stride frequency, stride length, and more – all in real time, both indoors and outdoors, allowing users to adjust their running posture to improve safety and performance.

Other sports functions

Other sports features available on OPPO Watch X include a dedicated mode for badminton. The new feature is OPPO’s own development. It collects information during the game and conducts post-match analysis based on five parameters: energy, activity, endurance, defense, and offense to help users adjust aspects such as swing strength and speed. Similar to the case of posture recognition during running, the data obtained is very useful, allowing users to pinpoint their weaknesses and take their game to the next level.

Автоматичне розпізнавання

Smart health management

In addition to its impressive sports and fitness tracking features, OPPO Watch X also comes with a host of functions that enable users to take better control of their daily health. By tracking sleep breathing rate, blood oxygen levels, baseline heart rate, snoring, body movements, and other sleep behaviors, Watch X supports full sleep monitoring, even if it’s just a nap.

With detailed weekly sleep tracking reports available through the OPPO OHealth app, users can also closely monitor changes in sleep duration and regularity, snoring risk, and overall sleep score. Taken together, the comprehensive monitoring data enables users to better understand their sleep quality each night and develop habits that will improve it.

At the heart of these improvements in data measurement on OPPO Watch X is a more accurate 8-channel heart rate sensor and 16-channel blood oxygen sensor, which users can use to track heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and other information. Thanks to its advanced sensor set and built-in algorithms, Watch X can also monitor stress levels over a period of time by calculating heart rate variability (HRV).

OPPO Watch X and the OHealth app now also support Health Connect on Android, which is a central hub in Android 14 for managing data permissions from multiple health and fitness apps and devices. With user permission, users can securely synchronize their health data collected with Watch X or the OHealth app with apps that are compatible with Health Connect.

Універсальні програми та бездоганна синхронізація

Versatile apps and flawless synchronization

OPPO Watch X runs on Wear OS and comes with Google apps, including Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play. Experience a new level of convenience with the availability of transit routes on Google Maps for Wear OS – easily navigate public transportation from your wrist. Plus, you can manage your transportation tickets or event tickets and more directly on your watch with Google Wallet, now available for Wear OS.

With Google Play on the watch, users can access a wide range of even more Google and third-party apps, including Gmail and WhatsApp. These apps are specifically designed for smartwatches and address a variety of needs, from health and fitness to productivity, making Watch X more functional and versatile.

With Fast Pair support, you can quickly connect OPPO Watch X to your OPPO smartphone or other Android smartphone and set it up. This seamless connection allows you to answer or reject incoming calls, control music playback, check and reply to WhatsApp and other app messages, and access other features directly from your wrist.

The best endurance

OPPO Watch X is equipped with a large 500mAh battery and Watch VOOC TM fast charging function for multi-day use and quick recharging. It can be fully charged in just 60 minutes or provide an additional 24 hours of use in just 10 minutes.

The Watch X’s high endurance is ensured by OPPO’s patented dual-core architecture with two separate processors – Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 SOC and BES2700 MCU. Thanks to the revolutionary dual-core architecture, both watch chips are configured to work in tandem with a hybrid Wear OS interface.

This allows the efficient BES2700 chip to take care of as many common tasks as possible, such as answering phone calls and displaying notifications, while the high-performance Snapdragon® W5 Gen 1 chip is activated for high-performance operations and Wear OS applications. On Watch X, users experience the perfect balance between performance and power consumption.

Thanks to its dual-core architecture, Watch X can provide up to 100 hours of full battery life in full-featured smart mode and up to 12 days of standby time in power-saving mode, so users no longer have to waste time charging their smartwatch every day.

OPPO Watch X


Justin Liu, Director of Wearables at OPPO, said: “We’re excited to work closely with Wear OS to deliver a seamless and energy-efficient user experience on OPPO Watch X, making it a trusted companion designed to create a healthier and more dynamic lifestyle.”

“We’ve made significant changes to the Wear OS hybrid UI to support new features that run on OPPO’s innovative dual-core architecture,” said John Renaldi, senior director of Wear OS product and design at Google. “Through this collaboration, OPPO Watch X enables seamless switching between a low-power processor and a high-performance processor to deliver a high-quality user experience from a premium smartwatch with optimized battery life.”

Elegant design and robust construction

OPPO Watch X combines a variety of features and powerful performance in a sophisticated design. Its large 1.43-inch AMOLED display with 326 PPI resolution and a refresh rate of up to 60Hz provides a bright and clear viewing experience at all times. It’s protected by a 2.5-inch sapphire crystal glass for greater resistance to scratches and fingerprints without sacrificing optical clarity.

The stunning design of the watch is complemented by a robust stainless steel case, polished to create a premium metallic effect, and the buttons and middle bezel are seamlessly integrated, giving the watch a strong yet lightweight construction.

Built to go the distance, OPPO Watch X has also been tested according to the US military standard MIL-STD-810H, which guarantees high durability even in harsh conditions and under environmental influences, and is IP68 dustproof and 5ATM waterproof.

Availability on the market

In Ukraine, the new OPPO Watch X premium watch is available for 15,999 UAH ($400) in the following colors: Bright Silver and Dark Black.

Look for the new product on the websites and stores of our partners: oppoua.com, Comfy, Citrus, Foxtrot, Allo, Eldorado, Epicenter, Rozetka, and others.


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