Vision Pro causes mixed reactions despite high sales

Vision Pro causes mixed reactions despite high sales

When Apple introduced its Vision Pro headset, users had a mixed reaction. Initial rumors suggested that the product might not meet sales expectations, but the reality was different.

The headset for spatial computing, which is very close to augmented reality, has been a great success since its launch, despite its high price of $3,499. About 200,000 units were sold during the pre-sale period alone. However, along with its popularity, some users have engaged in risky behavior, such as wearing the headset while driving, which raises safety concerns.

Microsoft Word CEO shares his experience of using Apple’s VR headset while flying

Omar Shaheen, Microsoft Word, recently shared his experience of using Apple’s VR headset on a long flight from Seattle to Dubai. He praised its versatility, noting that it turned the entire airplane cabin into a personalized entertainment center. Omar preferred Vision Pro to traditional in-flight entertainment systems, citing its superior interface and immersive experience.

Despite the high praise, Omar noted some drawbacks to the Vision Pro, including its heaviness and tendency to cause eye fatigue with prolonged use. He decided to enhance his audio experience with AirPods Pro while flying, finding them more comfortable than AirPods Max when paired with the already bulky headset.

However, Omar emphasized the cost-effectiveness of the Vision Pro compared to a high-end home entertainment system. He emphasized its superior performance and entertainment value, despite the need to gradually get used to the physical discomfort.

In conclusion, Apple‘s Vision Pro headset has made a significant impact on the tech industry, with impressive sales figures and praise for its innovative features. However, user feedback has been mixed, with some enjoying its immersive capabilities and others struggling with the physical discomfort it causes.


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