UADamage accelerates demining with drones and AI

UADamage accelerates demining with drones and AI

Ukraine is one of the most mined countries in the world. The area of contamination is larger than that of Austria and the Czech Republic combined. Artificial intelligence developers at UADamage are working on technology to speed up the identification of mines, shells, and explosion craters, which can also contain dangerous debris.

How it works

UADamage is an AI GIS platform for automatic remote sensing using satellites and drones.

Developers are connecting artificial intelligence to the sensors. It identifies and classifies data on objects not only on the surface of the earth but also deep beneath it, and automatically plots them on a map. This speeds up mine clearance tenfold, and makes the process safer for people in general.

UADamage — це AI GIS платформа для автоматичного дистанційного зондування

Three stages of the study

UADamage’s technology works in three stages:

  1. Strategic planning. The team uses satellite imagery and cadastral data to determine the extent of the area’s mining.
  2. Visual assessment for mines and explosives. A drone with a camera surveys the area, and artificial intelligence detects dangerous objects.
  3. Inspection underground and in the grass. Using a passive magnetometric felt probe system, the solution detects any magnetic metal objects (weighing 200 grams or more) up to 2 meters below the surface.

Інспекція під землею та в траві

Speed and accuracy

  • The installation of sensors on the drone allows the operator to survey an area of up to 200 hectares during one day of flight, while maintaining a safe altitude of 2-4 meters.
  • The real-time kinematic system (RTK) provides high accuracy of coordinates during the flight of the drone with an accuracy of 5-10 cm.
  • The depth of the finds can reach up to 2 meters with a mass of objects from 200 grams.
  • Installing a magnetometer and a camera on board a quadcopter allows you to combine different types of sensors in one system.

The most difficult thing about demining, apart from the number of mines, is that they can be at a considerable depth and cannot be seen by metal detectors. Read the news about the developments of the Brave1 cluster.


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