Ukrtelecom’s optical network reaches 80 thousand kilometers

optical fiber cable

Over the past few years, Urtelecom has been actively building its optical infrastructure by investing in the development of FTTH/P network based on GPON technology. This is the best architecture and technology to ensure sustainable and high-quality telecommunications services, including access to the energy-independent Internet.

Optics above all else

During the full-scale war, in 2022-2023, the operator built almost 11 thousand kilometers of optical lines. During this time, the company has connected hundreds of medical and educational institutions to optics, providing hundreds of thousands more households in all regions of the country with the opportunity to use modern services.

Ukrtelecom is expanding its optical infrastructure by installing modern telecoms equipment, laying new fiber-optic lines, replacing old copper networks with optical ones, including during the network restoration in the de-occupied territories.

Today Ukrtelecom’s optical network comprises more than 80,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cables, which is two equatorial directions of our planet (the Earth’s equator is 40,075,696 meters long). The number is set to grow even further.

Укртелеком передає ЗСУ секретні апаратно-програмні засоби

Development and modernization

“In 2023, Ukrtelecom invested about UAH 500 million to develop and modernize its network and IT infrastructure. This year we plan to increase investments by 70% to over UAH 800 million. This will allow us to build more than 8 thousand kilometers of optical communication lines,” said Yuriy Kurmaz, CEO of Ukrtelecom, describing the company’s plans.

This means that even more residents of Ukrainian cities and villages will have access to modern and reliable telecommunications services. Ukrtelecom’s fibre-optic network provides Internet access at speeds of up to 1 Gbps, which in turn enables the full potential of digital services in the public and private sectors, and makes IP-based services available, including interactive HD and 4K TV, video conferencing and Internet telephony.

Ukrtelecom focuses on modernizing and expanding its optical infrastructure to meet the needs of the population and businesses, providing sustainable communications to government agencies and special users such as the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine.

Ukrtelecom donated over UAH 210 million to the defense sector as part of the Rinat Akhmetov Steel Front initiative.

Ukrtelecom is the largest taxpayer among fixed-line operators and providers in Ukraine: in 2023, the company paid over UAH 1.35 billion in taxes and fees to the budgets of all levels.


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