Ukraine adopted a resolution on multisharing

Ukraine adopted a resolution on multisharing

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine is working with the National Bank to improve document sharing, which will greatly simplify and speed up the document flow for citizens in institutions.

What will be possible

After the launch of multisharing, Ukrainians will be able to share copies and data of not only digital documents, but also income certificates, OK-5, OK-7 in a few clicks via Diia. This will make sharing comprehensive and significantly save time for both company employees and clients.

Currently, to send such a set of documents, you must first send copies of digital documents through the Diia app, and send copies of certificates separately.

Multisharing will allow you to send copies of all necessary documents at the same time, as well as automatically fill in fields in electronic applications and contracts with data from such copies.

Even more convenience

Multi-sharing will make the process of obtaining services faster and more convenient, eliminating photocopiers, handwriting, and repeated confirmations of sharing.

To share copies of documents, it will only take a few clicks in the Diia app. The company sends a request, and the client confirms it with Diia.Signature, so they immediately see the name of the institution, the list of required documents, and understand to whom they are sending copies.

“We save time for Ukrainians, both clients and employees of institutions,” the Ministry of Digital Transformation says.


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