Ukrainians have 18 million e-passports in Diia


Ukraine is continuing its strong digitalization. Ukrainians already have 17.9 million electronic passports in the Diia mobile application.

Two years ago, Ukraine was the first country in the world to equate an electronic passport with a paper or plastic counterpart. Today, there are almost 18 million digital passports of Ukrainians in Diia. This is more than the population of the Netherlands.

In the app, Ukrainians have:

  • 12.9 million foreign passports,
  • 5 million ID cards.

Digital documents cannot be forgotten at home or lost – they are always in your smartphone. Every day you open bank accounts, receive parcels, travel or use public services with your passport in Diia.

What is Diia?

The Diia mobile application is a specially designed application for smartphones that provides access to various government services and services in Ukraine. The main idea of the application is to provide convenient and fast access to government services without the need to physically visit offices or administrative institutions.

The main features of the Diia mobile application include:

  • Accessibility of services. The Diia app provides access to a wide range of government services, such as residence registration, passport issuance, vehicle registration, tax payment, electronic digital signature, and others. All these services can be accessed from a single app.
  • Convenient access. The Diia app can be downloaded to an Android or iOS smartphone and access services at any time and in any place where there is Internet access.
  • Electronic identifier. The Diia app can be used as an electronic identifier that provides confirmation of the user’s identity when applying to government agencies.
  • Alerts and notifications. The application sends notifications about the status of applications and other important messages, which allows users to follow the processes related to their applications and services.
  • Ease of use. The application has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use various functions and services.

Overall, the Diia mobile application simplifies the process of applying for public services, provides greater accessibility and convenience for users, helping to save time and effort.


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