Ukrtelecom hands over secret hardware and software to the Army

Ukrtelecom hands over secret hardware and software to the Army

Ukrtelecom, which consistently supports Ukrainian defenders, has launched another project to provide large-scale assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This time it is about providing the Defense Forces with special hardware and software.

The company does not specify what kind of equipment it is. Maybe, it is a special secure communications equipment.

110 devices were handed over to the soldiers of one of the brigades that arrived in Kyiv, while the rest were sent to military units in the East and South. Another batch is expected in the near future and will also be delivered to the military.

In total, Ukrtelecom intends to deliver 2,430 devices to enhance the combat capabilities of more than 20 brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Ukrtelecom CEO Yuriy Kurmaz emphasizes that the company is very grateful and respectful to donate modern special equipment to the Ukrainian defenders. This is the first step of a large-scale joint initiative of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrtelecom to equip more than 20 military brigades with efficient hardware and software.

“Let them help our soldiers at the front to save their own lives while performing combat missions and at the same time detect and destroy the enemy that has invaded our homeland,” he said.

Ukrtelecom CEO Yuriy Kurmaz and a soldier

In total, Ukrtelecom has already provided over UAH 50 million in material assistance to the Ukrainian Defense Forces. 350 Ukrtelecom employees are defending the Ukrainian land in the Armed Forces.

The Steel Front is an initiative of Rinat Akhmetov’s companies to provide assistance to Ukraine’s defenders. In particular, it is more than 1.3 thousand drones. According to Yuriy Kurmaz, no private business has ever supplied so many drones to the army. In addition, the soldiers received over 165 thousand bulletproof vests, over 900 vehicles and over 1.3 million tons of fuel. In total, Rinat Akhmetov has allocated over UAH 5 billion for military and humanitarian aid.


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