The latest Soundcore Sleep A20 headphones from Anker are designed to improve your sleep quality

The latest Soundcore Sleep A20 headphones from Anker are designed to improve your sleep quality

Soundcore, the audio brand from Anker Innovations, announced the launch of its second generation of sleep headphones, the Sleep A20, in celebration of World Sleep Day. Building on the success of the Sleep A10, the A20 promises improved noise isolation, a comfortable fit for side sleepers, and extended battery life.

The design of the headphones makes them comfortable for those who sleep on their side

Unlike some noise-canceling headphones that fight interruptive sounds, Sleep A20 uses a physical design to block noise. Combined with a library of looped sounds from the Soundcore app, these headphones primarily mask distractions and put you in the mood for sleep.

Sleep A20 boasts several enhancements designed to improve your sleep. The new dual-sealed earbud design provides three times the noise cancellation of the previous A10 model, effectively blocking out traffic noise or partner snoring for a more restful sleep. Those who sleep on their side will appreciate the curved design of the A20, which minimizes pressure on the ears and ensures a comfortable fit all night long. The soft silicone material further enhances comfort.

Also, do you usually worry that your alarm will wake up your partner or even other people in your home? The A20 has a built-in alarm that plays through the headphones, gently waking you up and not disturbing your partner. You can even choose from a variety of sounds for a personalized wake-up. Sleep A20 also tracks your sleep phases and position throughout the night, offering valuable insights into your sleep quality. And if you lose your earbuds in the dark, the A20 will beep to help you find them quickly.

One of the biggest improvements over the previous generation is the battery life. The A20s provide 10 hours of music playback time and 14 hours of sleep time. The Soundcore Sleep A20 headphones will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting April 16 in select regions including the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. Early backers can enjoy discounts of up to 40%. Wider availability through Amazon and other retailers is expected by the end of May at a price of $149.99.


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