Noosphere with the 29th expedition ships to Vernadsky

Noosphere with the 29th expedition ships to Vernadsky

The Ukrainian research vessel Noosphere continues its third Antarctic season. Today, on March 15, 2024, the icebreaker set sail from the port of Punta Arenas (Chile) to the Akademik Vernadsky station.

Доправити на станцію 29-ту Українську антарктичну експедицію

Noosphere’s missions

The icebreaker has two important missions:

  • To deliver the 29th Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition to the station. Its 14 members are to replace their colleagues from the 28th UAE, who have been working in Antarctica for almost a year. Along with the new team, the Vernadsky is carrying a lot of cargo for its wintering, including food, clothing, fuel, etc. In total, 50 tons of cargo and 140 cubic meters of fuel.
  • Ensure seasonal research in the Southern Ocean and at the Akademik Vernadsky station, in particular, as part of international projects. One of them concerns the study of the possible spread of silicones in the Antarctic. Scientists will take samples of phytoplankton, krill, and bottom sediments necessary for further research.

The captain of this Noosphere voyage is Pavlo Panasyuk. It was he who once led the ship in its first Antarctic season.

триває вже третій антарктичний сезон “Ноосфери”

The third Antarctic season

We remind you that Noosphere is currently in its third Antarctic season. It began on November 17, 2023, when the icebreaker set sail from the port of Cape Town to the icy continent.

The vessel provided a change of shift at the Polish Antarctic station Arttovsky, and also delivered a seasonal expedition to Vernadsky for technical and scientific work. Afterward, Noosphere was waiting for its second deployment to the Antarctic in Chile.


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