Situation at the front after 496 days of Russian aggression

Situation at the front after 496 days of Russian aggression

Last night, the russian federation launched yet another attack using Iranian Shahed combat UAVs. Information on the aftermath of the russian terrorist attack is currently being updated.

According to the updated information, the russian occupiers used 3x S-300 air defense system anti-aircraft guided missiles and 22x Iranian Shahed combat UAVs against civilian infrastructure in Sumy, Donetsk, and Zaporizhzhia oblasts during the day of July 3.

As a result of the anti-aircraft battle, the Ukrainian soldiers intercepted 16x Shahed combat UAVs.

In addition, the enemy launched 56x air strikes and 77x MLRS attacks at the positions of Ukrainian troops and various settlements. Unfortunately, the attacks have killed and wounded civilians, as well as destroyed or damaged civilian infrastructure, high-rise buildings, and private homes.

The likelihood of missile and air strikes across Ukraine remains very high.

The adversary focuses its main efforts on Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka, and Maryinka axes, heavy fighting continues. During day of July 3, there were more than 40x combat engagements.

Volyn and Polissya axes: no significant changes.

Sivershchyna and Slobozhanshchyna axes: the enemy launched air strikes at the city of Sumy and in the vicinity of Katerynivka (Sumy oblast). The adversary fired mortars and artillery at more than 10x settlements, including Bachivsk, Khodyne, Katerynivka (Sumy oblast), Veterynarne, Kozacha Lopan, and Budarky (Kharkiv oblast).

Kupyansk and Lyman axes: the enemy was actively launching air strikes. At the same time, the Ukrainian defenders successfully repelled 7x attacks of the adversary in the vicinities south of Novoselivske, Novovodyane, west of Dibrova (Luhansk oblast), and north-east of Serebryanske forestry, as well as near Vesele (Donetsk Oblast). The adversary fired artillery and mortars at more than 15x settlements, including Petro-Ivanivka, Novomlynsk, Kupyansk (Kharkiv oblast), Nevske, Bilohorivka (Luhansk oblast), Verkhnokamyanske, Berestove, and Rozdolivka (Donetsk oblast).

Bakhmut axis: under heavy fire from enemy aircraft and artillery, the Ukrainian defenders successfully repelled 9x enemy attacks in the vicinities of Hryhorivka, Bohdanivka, west of Yahidne, Ivanivske, and south-east of Bila Hora (Donetsk oblast). The enemy fired artillery at more than 15x settlements, including Kramatorsk, Kostyantynivka, Vasyukivka, Bohdanivka, Chasiv Yar, Predtechyne, and Klishchiivka (Donetsk oblast).

Avdiivka axis: the adversary fired artillery at more than 10x settlements, including Keramik, Avdiivka, Sjeverne, Vodyane, and Nevelske (Donetsk oblast).

Maryinka axis: under enemy air strikes and artillery fire, Ukrainian defenders repelled 15x enemy attacks in the vicinity of the city of Maryinka. The enemy shelled more than 15x settlements, including Krasnohorivka, Heorhiivka, Maksymilyanivka, Hostre, and Pobjeda (Donetsk oblast).

Shakhtarske axis: the enemy conducted unsuccessful offensive operations in the vicinity of Rivnopil (Donetsk oblast). The invaders launched an air strike near Blahodatne (Donetsk oblast). The occupiers shelled more than 10x settlements, including Blahodatne, Vuhledar, Bohoyavlenka, Shakhtarske, and Zolota Nyva (Donetsk oblast).

Zaporizhzhia and Kherson axes: the adversary focuses its main efforts on preventing the advance of Ukrainian troops. The invaders fired artillery at more than 30x settlements, including Huliaipilske, Bilohirya, Mala Tokmachka (Zaporizhzhia oblast), Marhanets, Nikopol (Dnipropetrovsk oblast), Antonivka (Kherson oblast), and the city of Kherson.

The russian occupiers continue to violate international humanitarian law and use children’s institutions in the temporarily occupied settlements to provide medical care to their wounded soldiers. Thus, on the territory of a children’s recreation camp in the village of Makarove (Luhansk oblast), russian servicemen set up a military hospital. It now accommodates more than 100x wounded occupants. russian military equipment and checkpoints are scattered throughout the camp. Civilian residences are located in the immediate vicinity.

The situation is similar in the city of Lyman (Luhansk oblast), where the russian occupiers have re-purposed the Yalynka children’s recreation camp into a military hospital. More than 100x wounded invaders are also being treated here. The territory of the camp is also used to station military equipment.

During the day of July 3, the Ukrainian Air Force launched 16x air strikes on the concentrations of the adversary troops.

During the day of July 3, the Ukrainian missile and artillery troops hit 3x anti-aircraft missile systems, 2x concentrations of troops, 26x artillery systems at their firing positions, and 1x electronic warfare station of the enemy.

Total combat losses of the enemy

Total combat losses of the enemy

The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02.2022 to 04.07.2023 were approximately:

  • personnel ‒ about 231030 (+770) persons were liquidated,
  • tanks ‒ 4059 (+2),
  • APV ‒ 7908 (+9),
  • artillery systems – 4252 (+32),
  • MLRS – 647 (+6),
  • anti-aircraft warfare systems ‒ 394 (+3),
  • aircraft – 315 (+0),
  • helicopters – 309 (+0),
  • UAV operational-tactical level – 3602 (+29),
  • cruise missiles ‒ 1264 (+0),
  • warships / boats ‒ 18 (+0),
  • vehicles and fuel tanks – 6843 (+9),
  • special equipment ‒ 590 (+0).

See the situation after 495 days of Russian aggression.


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