Situation at the front after 497 days of Russian aggression

Situation at the front after 497 days of Russian aggression

Over the past day, the enemy launched a missile attack on the town of Pervomaisky and the village of Bilyi Kolodyaz in Kharkiv region. In addition, 47 air strikes and 59 attacks from multiple rocket launchers were registered against Ukrainian troops’ positions and localities. As a result of Russian terrorist attacks, civilians were injured, residential buildings, commercial and administrative buildings, as well as private vehicles were damaged.

⚔️ The enemy is concentrating its main efforts on the Liman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Maryinka directions, heavy fighting continues. There were 40 combat engagements during the day.

🔷 In the Siversky and Slobozhansky directions, the enemy maintains a military presence and has intensified subversive and reconnaissance activities in the areas bordering Ukraine.

🔷 In the Kupiansk sector, the enemy tried to advance in the area south of Novoselivske, Luhansk region. Our soldiers steadfastly held the defense and repelled all enemy attacks.

🔷 In the Bakhmut sector, under heavy fire from enemy aircraft and artillery, our defenders successfully repelled enemy attacks near Orikhovo-Vasylivka and Bohdanivka in Donetsk region. At the same time, our soldiers continue to conduct offensive actions south and north of the city of Bakhmut, consolidating the achieved positions.

🔷 In the Liman sector, during the day, with the support of aviation, the enemy made attempts to force our troops out of their positions in the areas west of Novovodyane and south of Dibrova in the Luhansk region, but were unsuccessful.

🔷 In the Avdiivka sector, the Defense Forces continue to hold back the offensive of Russian troops near the city of Avdiivka, Donetsk region.

In the Mariinka sector, under enemy artillery fire, our defenders repelled all enemy attacks in the area of the town of Mariinka.

🔷 The Ukrainian Defense Forces continue to conduct offensive operations in the Melitopol and Berdiansk directions, consolidate on the achieved lines, inflict artillery fire on the identified enemy targets, and carry out counter-battery measures.

😵‍💫 In the temporarily occupied Skadovsk and Henichesk of Kherson region, an increase in the number of cases of acute intestinal infections has been noted. By the nature of the disease, it has signs of cholera. The occupying so-called authorities do not recognize the increase in the number of cases, are trying to hide the deteriorating sanitary and epidemiological situation in the region, and have started covert vaccination against cholera for representatives of the so-called administrations and their inner circle.

🔥 Over the past day, the aviation of the defense forces carried out 13 strikes on the areas of concentration of enemy personnel, 3 on anti-aircraft missile systems and 1 on the enemy control center. In addition, our defenders destroyed 5 reconnaissance UAVs of operational and tactical level.

🔥 Missile and artillery units struck the area of concentration of enemy manpower, weapons and military equipment, 4 ammunition depots, 18 artillery pieces at firing positions, 3 air defense systems and 2 enemy electronic warfare stations.

Total combat losses of the enemy

Total combat losses of the enemy

The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02.2022 to 05.07.2023 were approximately:

  • personnel ‒ about 231700 (+670) persons were liquidated,
  • tanks ‒ 4062 (+3),
  • APV ‒ 7917 (+9),
  • artillery systems – 4288 (+36),
  • MLRS – 656 (+9),
  • anti-aircraft warfare systems ‒ 395 (+1),
  • aircraft – 315 (+0),
  • helicopters – 309 (+0),
  • UAV operational-tactical level – 3614 (+12),
  • cruise missiles ‒ 1264 (+0),
  • warships / boats ‒ 18 (+0),
  • vehicles and fuel tanks – 6865 (+22),
  • special equipment ‒ 598 (+8).

See the situation after 496 days of Russian aggression.


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