Lifecell gives gigabytes and minutes for top-ups


lifecell is launching a national promotion, according to which subscribers receive gifts from the operator for replenishing their accounts.

Thus, when replenishing the account for the amounts of UAH 200, 300, 400, the user needs to dial *400# to receive a gift for 1 kopeck.

Lifecell gives gigabytes and minutes for top-ups

As part of the promotion, subscribers will be able to receive three different gifts for 1 kopeck, depending on the amount of their top-up. For the largest recharge of UAH 400, you can get 40 GB and 200 minutes for calls to all numbers in Ukraine for 4 weeks.

A subscriber can receive gifts no more than once during a calendar month. The offer is valid from 01.07.2023 to 30.09.2023.


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