Samsung shakes up the budget OLED TV market with new S85D series TVs

Samsung shakes up the budget OLED TV market with new S85D series TVs

Samsung has launched the S85D OLED TV series, a new step towards market leadership. 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch S85D TVs start at $1,699.99. And here’s an unexpected twist: these TVs are likely to use LG Display panels, indicating a possible change in the competitive landscape.

Samsung remains tight-lipped about the panels, but emphasizes that its NQ4 AI Gen2 processor delivers a first-class viewing experience. This downplays the potential lack of Dolby Vision, a feature that is present on LG’s OLED displays. Samsung, however, has a unique advantage: its own Xbox cloud gaming app on its Tizen OS, which LG currently lacks.

Gamers will also appreciate the standard 120Hz refresh rate for all four HDMI ports. Interestingly, Samsung avoids mentioning quantum dots in the S85D. Instead, they emphasize “Pantone-validated colors” and “pure blacks and vibrant whites,” suggesting that they use more affordable WOLED panels to meet their price targets.

The S85D series seems to be a strategic move for Samsung. It offers a budget-friendly entry point for OLED TV buyers, while fostering an unexpected collaboration within the industry. Given that Samsung prides itself on its LED panels, this crossover with LG may indicate that something new is in store for them in the future.


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