Samsung may soon release a rectangular Galaxy Watch

Samsung may soon release a rectangular Galaxy Watch

Samsung has long preferred to round models of its Galaxy Watch series, but this may soon change. According to a report by SamMobile, Samsung may change its status quo and release a rectangular Galaxy Watch.

For those who don’t know, Samsung’s journey into the world of smartwatches initially began with rectangular models. In 2013, the company released the Galaxy Gear smartwatch with a 1.6-inch rectangular display.

The company then released the Gear 2 and Gear Live, which also retained this form factor. However, in recent years, Samsung has switched to round smartwatches and has been improving their design over time.

But if the new report is true, there could soon be a return to rectangular shapes for Samsung smartwatches. The SamMobile report states that “the idea is being enthusiastically considered internally, and it is very likely that such a change will take place.”

However, it is not yet known whether this change will debut in the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 or in the next generations. Implementing such a significant change will undoubtedly take time to optimize both hardware and software.

While your personal preference may lean towards a rectangular or round design, a rectangular display on a smartwatch has practical advantages over a round one.

Unlike round screens, which often cut off content at the edges, a rectangular display offers more usable screen area. This means you can see and interact with notifications better, and navigate other interface elements more easily.

Apple, arguably the main competitor to Samsung in the wearables space, has succeeded with this approach with its widely popular Apple Watch line.


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