Roaming like at home for Ukrainians is extended in EU

Roaming like at home for Ukrainians is extended in EU

The joint statement by mobile operators in Ukraine and the European Union is still in effect. Millions of Ukrainians who have been forced to leave for EU countries will continue to call their families at the prices of Ukrainian operators.

Currently, 22 European operators provide free roaming to Ukrainians. On the Ukrainian side, 7 mobile and fixed-line operators support the statement.

At the same time, Ukrainian legislation is being prepared for integration into the EU’s free roaming zone. The next step is for the EU Council to approve the application and make a final decision.

“Together with the regulator, we are creating a borderless connection between Ukraine and the EU,” the Ministry of Digital Transformation said.

The EC called for all operators to join the agreement. At the same time, preparations continued for Ukraine’s integration into the EU roaming zone. In April 2023, the EU-Ukraine Association Committee approved a proposal for Ukraine to join the EU roaming rules. The next step is the full harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with the European one, and then the final decision by the EU Council.

Earlier, the European Commission proposed to include free roaming in the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. In the long run, Ukrainians in Europe will no longer have to pay any additional fees for using their mobile phones, just like EU travelers in Ukraine.


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