OPPO introduces Reno10 Pro and Reno10 with 3D curved screen

OPPO introduces Reno10 Pro and Reno10 with 3D curved screen

OPPO AED Ukraine announced the launch of the latest Reno series smartphones – OPPO Reno10 Pro and OPPO Reno10.

Inheriting the iconic thin and light design of the Reno series, the two new devices are only 7.89 mm thick and weigh 185 g. Equipped with SUPERVOOCTM ultra-fast charging, OPPO’s exclusive Battery Health Engine technology, and SUPERVOOC S power management chip, Reno10 Pro and Reno10 deliver faster charging with longer battery life. Together with a powerful SoC, large storage capacity, an updated superconducting cooling system, and the latest ColorOS 13, Reno10 Pro and Reno10 deliver powerful and reliable performance for years to come.

OPPO презентує Reno10 Pro та Reno10 з 3D-вигнутим екраном

New 3D curved design with slim body

The Reno10 Pro and Reno10 feature the slim and lightweight design that has become the foundation of the Reno series. The 3D micro-curved body of both models makes them appear visually thinner while providing a more comfortable grip.

The gracefully curved 3D screen with virtually no bezels is complemented by a high refresh rate of 120 Hz, which ensures smooth graphics. Reno10 Pro is available in Silver Gray, while Reno10 is available in Ice Blue and Silver Gray.

The new series has a 6.7-inch large display with a screen-to-body ratio of 93%. With an ultra-thin 2.32mm bottom bezel, the screen guarantees a more immersive and limitless visual experience and supports 1 billion colors.

Надчітка система портретних камер

Ultra-sharp portrait camera system

Reno10 Pro features a triple camera system consisting of a flagship 50MP IMX890 main camera, a 32MP IMX709 telephoto-portrait camera, and an ultra-wide-angle 8MP camera with a 112° viewing angle. On the front of the device is a 32MP selfie camera with an additional IMX709 sensor. The main camera of Reno10 is equipped with a large 64MP 1/2-inch sensor.

The powerful 32MP telephoto-portrait camera supports a completely different shooting experience that opens the door to creating stunning portraits on your smartphone. Thanks to the 2x optical zoom, the camera can be used to capture high-resolution photos with a professional portrait focal length of 47mm.

The lens is also coated with BG Spin Coating, which absorbs infrared light to reduce flare and enhance image clarity. In addition, the IMX709 RGBW sensor is able to collect more light information, allowing users to capture bright and clear portrait images even in dark environments.

For general photo and video shooting, the Reno10 Pro’s 50MP main camera is equipped with Sony’s flagship IMX890 sensor. This large 1/1.56-inch sensor has 4-in-1 2.0 micron pixels and a large f/1.8 aperture, which provides more light absorption in different shooting conditions. With OIS and PDAF autofocus, the camera provides increased stability and corrects for minor shake.

Надчітка система портретних камер

Improved performance

With 80W SUPERVOOCTM ultra-fast charging, Reno10 Pro can be charged to 100% in about 28 minutes, and for the first time, OPPO’s proprietary power management chip, SUPERVOOC S, has been added to the Reno series.

It combines six functions, including charging, discharging, decoding, resetting, battery protection, and a circuit breaker, into a single chip, helping to reduce the amount of space taken up by fast charging components inside the phone by 45% and improve battery discharge efficiency by up to 99.5%. Thanks to SUPERVOOC S, the Reno10 Pro’s 4600 mAh battery provides about 1.5 days of use on a full charge.

Thanks to the ultra-fast 67W SUPERVOOCTM charging, the Reno10 with 5,000 mAh battery also offers fast charging to 100% in about 47 minutes. With the additional support of OPPO’s exclusive Battery Health Engine technology, the effective battery life of the new smartphones can be extended to 1,600 charge and discharge cycles.

The performance of Reno10 Pro and Reno10 is based on the 5G platforms Snapdragon 778G and MediaTek Dimensity 7050, respectively. Both SoCs (platforms) provide super-powerful computing performance and accelerated operation with reduced power consumption. Together with an updated superconducting cooling system, users can enjoy high-load applications without compromising comfort and performance.

In addition, both devices feature system-level optimization – Dynamic Computing Engine – which has resulted in the most thorough overhaul of Android’s memory management system to date. Thanks to Dynamic Computing Engine, the memory access speed on Reno10 Pro and Reno10 can be dynamically adjusted, increasing it by 16 times compared to the previous one. With Dynamic Memory Allocation, Reno10 Pro can run more than 40 applications in the background at the same time.

Reno10 Pro and Reno10 support OPPO’s RAM expansion technology. The phone can turn unused ROM space into an additional 12GB of RAM.

OPPO презентує Reno10 Pro та Reno10

Seamless connectivity and high performance with ColorOS 13

With Multi-Screen Connect, users can connect Reno10 series smartphones to a PC for a seamless multi-device experience. Once connected, users can directly open, edit, copy, or paste files on the phone using the computer, or transfer files between both devices without using mobile data.

Notifications on the phone can be displayed on the computer in real time, and camera and screenshot functions can work simultaneously on both devices. You can also run up to two phone apps on a connected computer at the same time, making it easy and convenient to work with multiple smartphone apps.

Smart AOD allows you to control Spotify and food delivery apps without unlocking your phone. For people who regularly share chat screenshots with friends or post them on social media, the Auto Pixelate feature can pixelate profile photos and names in a chat screenshot with just one tap.

OPPO презентує Reno10 Pro та Reno10

Prices and availability

For the pre-order period from July 10 to July 16, everyone who pre-orders Reno10 Pro or Reno10 receives a guaranteed gift worth 5198 UAH (OPPO Band2 and OPPO Enco Air3 headphones).

For the period of the sales launch from July 17 to July 30, OPPO AED Ukraine gives a cashback of UAH 3000 for the purchase of smartphones from the new Reno10 series, which can be spent on accessories and wearable gadgets.

In Ukraine, you can buy the latest OPPO Reno10 Pro and OPPO Reno10 flagships on the websites and in partner stores: oppoua.com, Comfy, Foxtrot, Allo, Citrus, Eldorado, Rozetka and others.

OPPO Reno10 Pro is available in Ukraine in 12/256 GB version and in Silver Gray color. OPPO Reno10 is presented in Ukraine in the 8/256 GB version and in the colors Ice Blue and Silver Gray.

They cost 22999 UAH (625 USD) and 19999 UAH (544 USD), respectively.


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