PS5 Pro specs leaked online, indicating a major GPU upgrade

PS5 Pro specs leaked online, indicating a major GPU upgrade

Rumors about the upcoming Sony console, PlayStation 5 Pro, have been circulating for some time now. Although details about it were scarce, a recent report by Insider Gaming shed some light on the possible specifications of the game console.

According to the leaked specifications, the PS 5 Pro’s processor will remain identical to the standard PS5. However, the Pro model is said to have a new “overclocked processor mode”.

This mode will reportedly boost the CPU clock speed to 3.85 GHz, a 10% increase over the standard console. But it can reduce GPU performance by about 1.5%.

In addition, the PS5 Pro is rumored to have a 28% increase in bandwidth. This means that it will have a speed of 576 GB/s compared to the standard version of 448 GB/s.

Higher memory bandwidth enables faster data transfer between system memory and the GPU, which can lead to improved graphical accuracy, faster rendering, and overall better gaming performance.

By the way, the leaked information about the PS5 Pro GPU indicates a significant performance increase. We’re talking about a potential 45% jump in rendering power, 2-3x (in some cases, even 4x) ray tracing acceleration, and an impressive 33.5 teraflops of single-precision computing.

All of this is in addition to specialized hardware to accelerate ray tracing. All of this turns the console into a console aimed at smooth 4K playback and future-proofed 8K vision.

Along with this, PS5 Pro is considered to have better audio technology. Audio Compute Voice (ACV) reportedly runs at a higher clock speed, resulting in a 35% performance boost for the Audio Compute Module (ACM) library.

With these details in place, we can expect the console to be officially announced soon enough. We will keep you updated if any new information becomes available.


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