Nvidia unveils new next-generation AI chip at GTC conference

Nvidia unveils new next-generation AI chip at GTC conference

Nvidia will be in the spotlight at the upcoming GTC conference, the first in-person gathering of the industry since the pandemic. All eyes will be on the tech giant as it presents its latest achievements, with a critical question hanging over the heads of customers and investors alike: can Nvidia maintain its leadership in the AI chip market?

The recent boom of Nvidia can be called meteoric. Their market capitalization has soared to $2 trillion, allowing them to come close to Apple for second place. Analysts predict that the company’s revenue will double in 2024 due to the demand for their top-notch AI chips.

But the focus is not only on current success, but also on ensuring future success. The B100, the next generation of Nvidia’s AI processors, is expected to be unveiled at GTC. This powerful chip promises to be the heart of future AI systems and raise the performance bar even higher.

The current demand for Nvidia chips is already exceeding supply, and developers are facing long waiting times. The price of the B100 is likely to exceed the $20,000 mark of its predecessor. However, analysts are concerned about Nvidia’s share price. Although it has risen rapidly in recent years, some of them are skeptical (and rightly so) that overly optimistic forecasts for future earnings could harm the company’s profile.

In addition to hardware, Nvidia‘s software strategy is another area worth watching. The CUDA platform is locking developers in by offering tools optimized for Nvidia chips. Future updates to CUDA are likely to strengthen this developer loyalty. Their entry into cloud services will also be something to keep an eye on. And then there is the issue of China, which adds another layer of complexity. U.S. restrictions on access to Nvidia’s most advanced chips have forced China to develop its own AI hardware. While Chinese competitors offer chips that are comparable to Nvidia’s A100, they have not yet caught up to the H100. Analysts predict that the B100 will further widen this gap.

One thing is for sure: the GTC conference will be a key event for the company.


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