MWC 2024: 6.9-inch smartphone from Motorola that can be worn as a bracelet

MWC 2024: 6.9-inch smartphone from Motorola that can be worn as a bracelet

At MWC 2024, Lenovo unveiled the Motorola Adaptive Display Concept smartphone, demonstrating its innovative approach to flexible display technology. The concept device, first unveiled in October 2023, has now been publicly demonstrated, shedding light on its unique features and capabilities.

This concept phone can wrap around your wrist, creating the effect of a smartwatch that you can carry with you

The device boasts an FHD+ POLED display that can be bent and shaped to suit the user’s needs, a further development in display and mechanical technology used in complex and moving devices.

One of the standout features of the Motorola Adaptive Display Concept is its ability to seamlessly adapt to different usage scenarios. The device can transition from a standard flat smartphone to a smartwatch that wraps around your wrist. In addition, it can be positioned in different stand modes, providing versatility and flexibility in use. In the horizontal position, the 6.9-inch display provides a full Android experience, while in the vertical position it transforms into a more compact form with a 4.6-inch display suitable for standalone use.

The concept device’s display technology allows it to dynamically adjust to its shape and orientation. For example, when the device is bent and worn like a smartwatch, the interface automatically switches to a smartwatch layout, optimizing the user experience for wrist wear. This adaptability increases convenience and functionality, making the device versatile for a variety of tasks and activities.

Behind the scenes of the Motorola Adaptive Display Concept is an innovative battery technology that powers the flexible design. The device is equipped with a series of small batteries located in the frame elements connected to a hinge mechanism that provides flexibility. However, details regarding the total battery capacity remain undisclosed.

Although the Motorola Adaptive Display Concept has made significant progress in development, Lenovo emphasizes that it is still an early-stage project and is not yet ready for mass production. Thus, it may take several years for Lenovo to bring a retail version of the device to market, if it decides to do so. Nevertheless, the concept device is a promising glimpse into the future of flexible display technology, offering a glimpse of the possibilities that lie ahead for the smartphone industry.


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