New Moto X50 Ultra teaser hints that the phone will be powered by AI

New Moto X50 Ultra teaser hints that the phone will be powered by AI

Motorola is shifting into high gear with the teaser of its latest phone, the Moto X50 Ultra. Inspired by the adrenaline-fueled world of Formula One, the teaser is not only about high speeds on the track, but also about the powerful artificial intelligence inside this device.

The presentation is expected to take place on April 21, just before the Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The teaser doesn’t reveal much, but it shows enough to get us talking – a stylish leatherette back and a camera that promises to capture the essence of speed. A post on Weibo, though cryptic, connects the phone to the Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix, hinting at a big premiere on April 21, when the race will take place.

This is the first time Motorola is adding an “Ultra” to its X-series lineup. So far, we’ve seen the Moto X30 Pro transform into the global Moto Edge 30 Ultra with a few updates. But the X50 Ultra is an all-new beast that is rumored to come with a powerful 4500mAh battery, ultra-fast 125W wired charging, and 50W wireless charging that leaves its predecessors in the dust.

While rumors abound as to whether the Moto X50 Ultra will be the inspiration for the Edge 50 Pro, one thing is for sure – Motorola is not just in the race, it’s in the race to lead it. With artificial intelligence as its co-pilot, the X50 Ultra will be a technological marvel that is as smart as it is fast. Will the Moto X50 Ultra raise the checkered flag and become the next champion of the tech world? We’ll have to wait and see.


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