Microsoft unveils white Xbox Series X, as well as new memory options

Microsoft unveils white Xbox Series X, as well as new memory options

Microsoft has officially unveiled a white version of the Xbox Series X, aimed at fans who prefer a lighter aesthetic for their console. This new model has ditched the disk drive, making it all-digital, but retains the same powerful performance as the original Xbox Series X for existing Xbox games. Let’s be honest, black is stylish, but white looks clean.

The white Xbox Series X boasts 1 TB of storage and will be released later this year for $449.99. This announcement comes at the same time as the announcement of a special version of the original Xbox Series X “Galaxy Black” with 2 TB of storage for $599.99. For budget-conscious gamers, Microsoft is also offering a new white version of the Xbox Series S, a smaller console priced at $299, with 1 TB of storage for $349.99.

The white exterior of the new Xbox Series X matches the “robotic white” color scheme of the Xbox Series S. While leaks suggest that Microsoft may have updated the cooling system for this white model, official confirmation will likely have to wait until the consoles are disassembled.

In addition, the white Xbox Series X seems to confirm the cancellation or delay of an updated version of the console codenamed “Brooklyn” that was previously rumored. The leaked details described Brooklin as a more cylindrical design, without a disk drive, and was positioned as “magically all-digital.” The Brooklin was scheduled to launch in November this year with a price tag of $499 and a new controller with Xbox Wireless 2 connectivity included.

Last September, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer acknowledged the leak of information about the updated Xbox Series X design, hinting at potential changes to their hardware roadmap. “It’s hard to see our team’s work being shared in this way because so much has changed and there’s a lot to be excited about both now and in the future,” Spencer said. “We’ll share the real plans when we’re ready.”

The official announcement by Microsoft put an end to these rumors, offering a white version of the Xbox Series X, as well as storage upgrades for both the standard and special edition.


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