ALLO is expanding its range of TVs and officially introducing new models from the legendary Japanese brand Sharp in Ukraine.

Sharp Corporation has 70 years of experience in the field of television technology and was at the forefront of TV production in Japan.

телевізори Sharp

Eight models

In early December, we launched eight new reliable and stylish TVs based on the Android platform. The Sharp TVs are available in ALLO showrooms, on the website and in the mobile app and are a worthy competitor to the TVs already on the market.

“In 2024, we plan to significantly increase the share of the Sharp brand in the Ukrainian market. Sharp is one of the ten largest TV manufacturers in the world, so the brand has growth potential in our country. Increasing the share by 1-1.5% is an achievable goal. These TVs combine Japanese quality, design and affordable price, and these parameters are important for the majority of Ukrainian consumers,” comments Maxim Raskin, CEO of ALLO Group.

телевізори Sharp

Meet the new models of Sharp TVs

Sharp TVs successfully combine high-quality picture and sound. The models in this lineup support 4K video, and some also feature powerful Harman Kardon sound, which is perfect for fans of feature films and documentaries.

The 2-year warranty exceeds the service offerings of other TV manufacturers on the market. ALLO customers can choose from functional models with screen diagonals from 24 to 70 inches from an authorized representative, as well as pleasant prices for high quality TVs.


The new products have this price:

  1. Sharp 24FH2EA TV (1T-C24FH2EL2AB) – UAH 7,499.
  2. Sharp 32FH2EA (1T-C32FH2EL2AB) – UAH 8,499.
  3. Model 40FH2EA (2T-C40FH2EL2AB) – UAH 10,999.
  4. Sharp 43FH2EA TV (2T-C43FH2EL2AB) – UAH 11,999.
  5. Sharp 43GL4260E (4T-C43GL4260EB) – UAH 14,999.
  6. Sharp 50GL4260E (4T-C50GL4260EB) – UAH 17,999.
  7. Sharp 55GL4260E TV (4T-C55GL4260EB) – UAH 19,499.
  8. Sharp 70FN2EA (4T-C70FN2EL2AB) – promotional price of UAH 25,999 instead of UAH 29,999.

Японські телевізори Sharp - вже доступні в Україні


Sharp TVs will be delivered free of charge to any of ALLO’s 300 stores, to the nearest post office or directly to the customer’s home.

For the purchase, customers will be credited with an updated ALLO Money cashback for future profitable purchases. Customers will also be able to take advantage of the loan program and pay for the TV in installments of up to 25 payments.


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