iOS 17.4 with side-loading in the EU and other changes for all users released

iOS 17.4 with side-loading in the EU and other changes for all users released

Apple is rolling out iOS 17.4 to compatible iPhones. In addition, the company is also rolling out iPadOS 17.4 to eligible tablets. The latest version of the software contains many new changes and features. It also takes into account the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), which will soon come into force. However, these changes only apply to users in the EU region.

Starting with changes for European Union users, iOS 17.4 now allows users to install apps from alternative marketplaces. Users will also be able to install a different browser with alternative browser engines. After installing the update, users will be able to choose the default web browser of their choice. In addition, NFC is now compatible with other wallets and banking applications. This is not limited to Apple Pay.

As for non-EU changes, iOS 17.4 now features automatic transcription of podcasts in English, Spanish, French, and German. It displays the full text of each episode, which is highlighted synchronously with the sound. This is very useful for people with hearing impairments. Users can also search for difficult words or phrases, and there are accessibility features such as text size, voiceover, etc.

Apple has also added five new emojis in iOS 17.4, including a mushroom, phoenix, lime, broken chain, and head shake. iPhone 15 series users can now check the number of battery cycles and get more information in the Battery Status section. Siri can now announce incoming messages in any language. The device’s anti-theft feature is also stronger, improving security in all locations. Sensitive information cannot be accessed or changed when the device is used in a new location.


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