Huawei Nova 13 series: Processor and display information leaked

Huawei Nova 13 series: Processor and display information leaked

Huawei, which recently released the Pura 70 series of smartphones, is now reportedly focusing on the Nova 13 series. While there is very little specific information about these new smartphones, a leak from Smart Pikachu has shed some light on what we can expect.

According to the leak, all Nova 13 phones will support 5G connectivity. This is particularly noteworthy as the Huawei Nova 12 series has some models, such as the base Nova 12 SE, that are stuck with 4G.

While the exact processor for the Nova 13 series remains uncertain, the leak suggests that it could use the new Kirin 9010 chip that debuted in Huawei’s recent Pura 70 series smartphones.

The Nova 13 series is expected to feature a curved display with a 1.5K resolution on the front.

Although there are few details about the camera, the insider hints at the possibility of a rear camera with a periscopic lens and support for variable aperture. It is also said that the lineup will pay special attention to selfie functions thanks to the dual front camera.

It is also rumored that Nova 13 series smartphones will support Beidou two-way satellite communication technology. This feature will allow users to send and receive messages via Beidou satellites even in areas where there is no terrestrial network coverage.

In addition, little is known about the technical characteristics of Huawei Nova 13 series smartphones. However, as for the launch, the line is expected to debut in the second quarter of 2024. We will keep you updated on any new developments as they come in.


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