Scientists are involved in polar research POLARIN


Ukrainian scientists will have access to the polar infrastructures of other countries and will host foreign colleagues at Vernadsky and Noosphere as part of the POLARIN project. This was discussed during the first kick-off meeting of the project, which took place in Bremerhaven, Germany.

POLARIN is implemented within the framework of the EU Horizon Europe program and includes 50 organizations from different countries engaged in research in the Antarctic and Arctic. Ukraine is represented by the National Antarctic Scientific Center.

What does POLARIN give

POLARIN is dedicated to access to polar infrastructures and unites the following:

  • 38 polar stations, 11 of which are Antarctic, including the Ukrainian Akademik Vernadsky station;
  • 12 polar research vessels, including our flagship Noosphere;
  • 18 observatories, 4 repositories, and 7 databases.


Submission of research projects

To provide access to these infrastructures, POLARIN will hold three competitions for research projects. The first one will take place in 2025.

The researchers will have to submit their research program with a justification for why it should be conducted at this particular station or ship. The winners will then be selected and given access to the relevant infrastructure at EU expense.

Such competitions will be repeated in 2026 and 2027.

Importantly, grant recipients will receive training on obtaining special permits for research, safety, rules for using and disseminating scientific information, etc.

Презентація НАНЦ

Presentation of the NASC

The meeting was attended by representatives of the National Antarctic Scientific Center, who presented the Ukrainian research infrastructure.

“We are very pleased to join this unprecedented opportunity to explore both polar regions. For Ukraine, it is also an opportunity to raise additional funds for its Antarctic program,” said Yevhen Dykyi, Director of the Center.

All information about the further implementation of the project and future competitions will be posted on the site and in the social networks of the NASC.


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