53% of Ukrainians block unfamiliar contacts

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Rakuten Viber has conducted a large-scale study of Ukrainians’ attitudes towards incoming calls. The survey showed which types of calls from unfamiliar contacts are acceptable and which annoy Ukrainians the most. And much more.

The research methodology is an anonymous online survey with 18 thousand respondents. 56% of them were women, 32% were men, and the remaining 12% preferred not to specify. The key age groups are under 16 (25%) and 51+ years (25%).

How Ukrainians feel about calls

The survey results showed that 57% do not mind solving issues in conversations. Another 22% are okay with calling only if there was a prior agreement. At the same time, every fifth respondent prefers messages.

Respondents also identified cases in which messages are more convenient than calls: questions from colleagues or clients (65% vs. 35% for calls), questions from stores, couriers, etc. (70% vs. 30% for calls), and other possible conversations (78% vs. 22% for calls).

How Ukrainians respond to incoming calls: the study showed that most Ukrainians always answer the phone from known numbers, but in the case of calls from unknown contacts, it all depends on the circumstances. In particular, 53% of respondents never answer calls from unknown numbers without warning.

As for calls from companies with promotions and offers to order a service, Ukrainians were unequivocal in their answers: 80% of respondents are annoyed by them. Only 20% said they were okay with such calls in case the businesses offered something really useful.

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Calls from unfamiliar numbers: check or block?

What about calls from unknown numbers? 45% of Ukrainians are neutral about them. However, 55% of Ukrainians said that such calls are annoying. Among the reasons for this reaction, 68% of Ukrainians said that calls from unfamiliar contacts do not bring anything useful, but only take up time. Another 18% said that they or their relatives had suffered from such calls. 14% chose the option “Other”.

Would Ukrainians like to automatically find out who is calling from an unfamiliar number? 94% of respondents answered positively: 72% – definitely yes, 19% – in some cases, and 3% – if the caller is a company.

Finally, Rakuten Viber asked Ukrainians if they checked unknown numbers and blocked unfamiliar contacts in the last three months. The answers showed that 40% of Ukrainians check unknown numbers: 16% search online, 13% use specialized apps, and 11% use Rakuten Viber. 53% do not use verification, and 6% chose the “other” option. Overall, 53% of Ukrainians have blocked unknown contacts in the last three months.


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