Epic Games announces the return of Fortnite to iOS in Europe

Epic Games announces the return of Fortnite to iOS in Europe

Epic Games has made headlines by announcing that Fortnite is returning to the iOS platform in the European Union, almost four years after it was pulled. This is not just the return of a popular game – it is a landmark event in the world of mobile app distribution.

Epic is currently distributing the game through the Epic Games store

This exciting development is a direct result of recent changes made by Apple to its App Store policy under the influence of the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). These changes are important because they allow iPhone users in the EU to download apps from sources other than the Apple App Store, challenging the status quo of app distribution.

Epic Games is taking this opportunity to reintroduce Fortnite to a market that was not aware of the game. By distributing it through the Epic Games Store, Epic is not only expanding its audience, but also upending the traditional app distribution model.

The implications of Fortnite’s return go far beyond the EU. This event hints at a future in which the monopoly of the big app stores could be broken, leading to a more diverse and competitive market. This will benefit both app developers and users by offering more choice and better value.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has ambitious plans for the Epic Games Store, seeing it as a top-tier multi-platform store that offers competitive pricing and exclusive games like Fortnite. Bringing Fortnite back to iOS is a strategic step towards realizing this vision.

While this news is a big win for Fortnite fans in the EU, it leaves gamers in other regions waiting in the wings. The bigger picture, however, suggests that Apple’s policy changes could pave the way for a more open app market globally.


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