Diia starts beta testing of educational documents

Diia starts beta testing of educational documents

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine invites everyone to beta-test educational documents in Diia: from a certificate of general secondary education to a doctoral degree.

“Soon, Ukrainians will be able to register for admission to a university, apply for a job, and simply view information in their diploma in a few clicks. Yes, educational documents will be in Diya!” they says. -“And now you have a unique opportunity to be the first to use the service – join the beta testing.

Who can join the beta test?

  • Citizens of Ukraine aged 14 and over;
  • they must have a verified tax number.

To register for the beta test, please follow this link.

The service is being implemented by the Ministry of Digital Transformation jointly with the Ministry of Education and Science with the support of the European Union under the EU4DigitalUA project, implemented by the Estonian Academy of Electronic Governance.

Федоров анонсував нові сервіси та документи у застосунку Дія

Diia: more documents

Currently, 14 digital documents and more than 30 services are available in the Diia app, and more than 100 services are available on the portal. In total, more than 90% of the most popular services are already available in Diia.

In addition to educational certificates and diplomas, this year, civil status records of birth, name change, marriage and divorce will be available. In addition to the child’s birth certificate, parents will be able to display their own certificate, as well as that of their children over 18.


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