Apple Vision Pro gesture control can be easily interrupted by people around you

Apple Vision Pro gesture control can be easily interrupted by people around you

Apple’s Vision Pro headset, known for its innovative gesture-based interaction, has a minor flaw in its gesture control that tracks hand movements, according to the results of testing conducted by technology publication CNET. The problem arises when other people get into the interaction zone when the user uses gestures. Any accidental hand movement in the interaction zone (where the user’s hands should be) can lead to interference with the headset’s gesture control and affect the overall user experience.

Apple Vision Pro does not distinguish between your hand and someone else’s, but simply follows the gesture instructions

Apple’s Vision Pro headset relies heavily on gestures to interact with the user, which is facilitated by visionOS software. CNET tests have shown that the headset struggles to distinguish between the user’s hand and the hands of other people who enter the interaction space. This can be a problem, especially in situations where there are children or other people near the user.

Interference from additional hands affects the smooth execution of gestures, potentially disrupting the intended experience. This will be very inconvenient in certain scenarios, such as accidentally deleting a file caused by a random hand movement within the range of the gesture system.

Although this is a relatively minor flaw, it highlights the room for improvement in Apple’s visionOS. Future updates are expected to address this issue, allowing the headset to accurately recognize the user’s hand. As Apple continues to refine its software systems, improving gesture recognition could be a major focus, providing an optimal and seamless user experience for Vision Pro users.

In conclusion, while this imperfection may cause some inconvenience in certain situations, it is part of the ongoing development process of this unique first generation product. It’s worth noting that a second generation Vision Pro is already in development, speculated to be called the Apple Vision Pro 2, which may address some of the first generation’s shortcomings, such as weight and, more importantly, weight distribution.


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