Apple Vision Pro still uses the Lightning port

Apple Vision Pro still uses the Lightning port

We now have more detailed information about the battery performance of the Vision Pro headset, which removes the initial uncertainty of the pre-order period, when only rough estimates of overall usage and video playback were provided.

It turns out that the battery included with the headset has a capacity of 3,166 mAh. While this may seem modest considering the weight (353 grams), the fact is that it operates at a high voltage of 13 V 6 A, which is higher than the typical voltage of 3.8 V for phone batteries.

This higher voltage means an equivalent capacity of 9,440 mAh compared to a typical phone battery voltage, essentially making it comparable to a 10,000 mAh power bank (according to GSMArena).

In addition, as you probably know, the Vision Pro battery is external and is connected to the headset using a proprietary locking connector. However, contrary to first impressions, the connection cable is indeed detachable.

Journalist Ray Wong made an interesting discovery – the cable can be disconnected from the battery pack using a SIM eject tool. This means you can replace the cable separately without having to buy a whole new battery pack if it gets damaged.

Ray Wong’s findings also reveal an interesting detail. Apple is still using the Lightning port for the Vision Pro headset’s connection cable and battery pack.

It’s a larger, 12-pin version than what we’re usually used to seeing on iPhones. But the fact that Apple has not moved away from its proprietary connector is somewhat surprising, especially given the pressure it is currently facing from the EU.

Another thing to note is that the battery of the Apple Vision Pro does not support hot swapping. This means that disconnecting the cable while the headset is in use will actually turn it off. You will need to reboot to connect a new battery.


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