Apple integrates Anokiwave technology into iPhone 16

Apple integrates Anokiwave technology into iPhone 16

Apple’s iPhone antenna is about to get a upgrade, and a new chipmaker has joined the mix. According to a supply chain report, UMC has been contracted to produce key chips for Apple’s upcoming iPhones. These chips will be integrated into the design of new iPhone antenna modules, and production is gradually ramping up.

The chips in question come from Anokiwave, a wireless chipmaker recently acquired by Qorvo, a power amplifier supplier to Apple. Qorvo is developing new antenna components for the iPhone using Anokiwave’s technology. Specifically, these new chips utilize UMC’s 3DIC technology, making UMC a key player in the iPhone antenna upgrade.

Industry sources speculate that Apple is applying this new design strategy to increase efficiency and improve signal reception capabilities in its next-generation iPhones. The move coincides with the growing integration of artificial intelligence features into smartphones, where strong and reliable connectivity is critical.

This is not UMC’s first rodeo with Apple components. Previously, the company produced driver chips for Apple through NovaTek. With this new contract, UMC has secured another important order to supply components for the iPhone, which demonstrates the importance of its role in Apple’s supply chain.


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