Gembird PB09-TQC3-01 is one of the first models of external batteries in a translucent case. It is really interesting, and most importantly, it has a new design format that should appeal to users for whom a power bank is not just a power source for mobile equipment in the absence of a nearby outlet.

However, this novelty is interesting not only for its design but also for the possibility of disassembly at the user level. We will discuss how “deep” the disassembly will be and what benefits the user will get later in the review.

The box

But let’s talk about everything one by one. The user will receive the product in a small cardboard box with an interesting and, most importantly, informative design. That is why, even before unpacking, it is worth “walking” along the walls and studying the data on them, because we have a really informative “reference” about the capabilities and features of the model. Well, this is what we will do next.

Information from the walls of the box

If the product packaging design contains a list of product characteristics and features, it’s always interesting, and so I personally recommend spending some time reading them in each case, because no matter what we need to know about a device, we buy as much as possible right out of the box.

So, the detailed illustration on the front side is a good example to study the design of the power bank without even taking it out of the box. In addition to the photo, the manufacturer also reminds us that PB09-TQC3-01 supports multiple fast charging technologies, maximum power, and several protections, including short circuit protection.

The product’s technical data sheet is placed behind it in several languages.

On one of the side walls, the manufacturer posted a list of technical specifications and delivery details.

Finally, the opposite wall is notable for its labeling, the address of the brand’s official website, and other technical “gizmos.”

The scope of delivery

Next, let’s talk about the kit itself.

Inside the box, everything is “as usual” – a Gembird PB09-TQC3-01 power bank, a USB Type-C cable, and a short user manual. There is no warranty documentation, so you should keep a receipt confirming the official purchase for the warranty period (1 year).

Key specifications of Gembird PB09-TQC3-01

  • Type-C input: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (18W);
  • Type-C output – 5.0V/3.0A, 9.0V/2.22A, 12.0V/1.67A (20W);
  • USB AF QC 3.0 output – 5.0V/3.0A, 9.0V/2.22A, 12.0V/1.67A (20W);
  • Operating temperature – 0-45°C;
  • The dimensions are 54x36x86 mm;
  • Weight – 200 g.


The appearance of the power bank is really cool, I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s not one-sided or stereotypical – you will like it both personally and for the people around you.

The product is light, comfortable, and generally designed to attract attention. And, in my opinion, it does this very well. Would I buy PB09-TQC3-01 for myself? Definitely!

Case materials

It is not officially specified what materials the manufacturer used in the PB09-TQC3-01 case. According to personal impressions, we are dealing with plastic. It is easy to see that the mentioned material is of several types – transparent with a gray insert in the lower part of the case and matte ends of the same color.

An interesting detail is that, probably for the first time in a product like a power bank, we have a removable bottom part of the case, and it is removable at the user level, because it is easy to see, fixed with four screws. But we’ll see in a separate section whether this design feature provides any advantages to the user.

Долю металу в корпусі найкраще описують кілька відповідних ілюстрацій нижче, тим більше, що завдяки прозорому формату останніх ми можемо побачити, як саме використовувався метал всередині, що, погодьтеся, по-своєму цікава “штука”!

Impressions on build quality

There are no issues here, except for the glossy surface. No, it doesn’t leave scratches or scuffs from the slightest touch, but it loves fingerprints. However, is this critical in terms of usability? Personally, I don’t think so. If you disagree, you can buy a handbag made of any economical fabric, or, say, a lightweight version – a napkin. Or the third option is to “forget” about all this and enjoy the really cool design of your new “jar”, because it is worth it.


Here’s a brief description. There are two ports on the top end – USB and USB Type-C, as well as a button, model name, and port specifications.

In turn, the bottom contains brand information, including the address of the official website, as well as the serial number and the screw caps mentioned earlier.

Electrical protection

Gembird PB09-TQC3-01 has automatic protection against short circuit, overcharge and overdischarge. Well, there are no additional safety features.


I’ll say a few words about the display separately. It’s in the front, made in the form of a button that you want to press from time to time. It has one “task” – to display the current battery charge – no more and no less.

Testing the Type-C port

Then, using a special tester, I tested the capabilities of the USB Type-C port. The results are shown in the illustrations below.

My experience with disassembly

After unscrewing the panel, two things become obvious. First, I was wrong in my conclusions about the layout of the case materials. If you remember, above I talked about transparent plastic with a gray insert at the bottom of the case.

In fact, everything is far from what it seems at first glance – there is no gray insert here. In fact, we have an hourglass-shaped case format, where the aforementioned “insert” actually forms one piece with the main body. In turn, the transparent part is dressed in the form of a case – whoever likes it best, protecting both the screen itself from the front and the component base provided here, which is convenient in its own way. However, you can deal with this design only by unscrewing the bottom part, which also serves as a clip for the transparent case.

Тепер поговоримо про переваги та недоліки цього формату. Ну, ми вже згадували про дизайн: він дійсно крутий. Що стосується ремонтопридатності, то ви фактично маєте доступ до всіх (або майже всіх) компонентів, і це дещо полегшує їх ремонт/заміну в разі потреби. Більше того, можна навіть підібратися до екрану, оскільки, скажімо так, пластиковий “посередник”, що його закриває, досить легко знімається з відповідних пазів. Недоліком можна вважати відсутність доступу до акумуляторного відсіку – всередині, за заявою виробника, знаходяться два елементи ємністю 21700 мАг. Сумарна ємність – 9000 мАг.

Expert conclusions

The 9000 mAh capacity is enough for one charge from zero to a hundred only if you have one smartphone, TWS headphones, and one or two other mobile trinkets. However, this option is possible, as well as critical recharging of your mobile equipment.

In my opinion, the Gembird PB09-TQC3-01 deserves attention. This is an adequate model in terms of price and capabilities with support for fast charging, both at the output and resource recovery (we “got out” of a 65W mains charger with 3% at the start to 100% in less than two hours), protection against various power surges and an appearance that will emphasize your personality.

Gembird PB09-TQC3-01 costs 649 UAH (∼$16).


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