Diia has joined the International Register of Damage

Diia has joined the International Register of Damage

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has launched a new service in Diia that will allow Ukrainians to submit claims for damage and destruction of housing caused by Russian aggression to the International Register of Damage. The data will show the real extent of the damage and will form the basis for future reparations.

What property

At the first stage, Ukrainians will be able to submit applications through Diia about destroyed or damaged property:

  • a private house;
  • apartment;
  • a country house;
  • a garden house;
  • other residential premises.


To apply, you must be the owner of property registered in the State Register of Property Rights (SRPR) and have a Certificate of Inspection from the local authorities. Subsequently, other owners of destroyed or damaged property, including those whose property is located in the temporarily occupied territories, will be able to submit applications.

To use the service in Diia, you need to update the app.

Михайло Федоров та Маркіян Ключковський

What else is coming

Later, it will be possible to document forced displacement, damage to life, health, torture, and sexual violence in the International Register of Damage. Later, businesses and the state will be able to file complaints.

Submitting claims through Diia to the International Register of Damage is a new important step for future reparations. The registration of claims of damage and losses from Russian aggression will enable the future commission to consider them and award compensation for payment. This is the first case of international data exchange for which Diia is used.

Diia is a digital tool for rebuilding Ukraine. The new service is being launched to ensure that the damage caused by Russian aggression is compensated.


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