Apple acquires DarwinAI, many AI-based features are expected in the future

Apple acquires DarwinAI, many AI-based features are expected in the future

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple has made a key step in developing its AI capabilities by acquiring Canadian startup DarwinAI. This could mean big changes for the trillion-dollar tech giant.

Apple only confirmed the acquisition, without providing any information on further plans

Founded in 2017, DarwinAI has carved out a niche in the AI field with two key technologies – inspection and machine learning to create scalable AI systems. According to public data, DarwinAI has received funding totaling $15.5 million in five years, with Lockheed Martin and Intel being the largest investors.

After the takeover, DarwinAI disappeared from the Internet, and its website and social media accounts were deactivated. Reportedly, dozens of former DarwinAI employees have moved to Apple’s artificial intelligence division, and AI researcher Alexander Wong has become its director.

Although Apple confirmed the acquisition, no statement was made regarding the purpose or future plans of the company. The move may be part of a larger effort to integrate AI features into its product line, including the upcoming iOS 18 and macOS 15 operating systems. It also goes without saying that Apple is clearly trying to close the gap with competitors such as Microsoft and Google. The company’s ambitions may extend to generative AI, potentially integrating it with Siri, Shortcuts, and other core applications. There are also rumors that Apple is actively testing large language models and obtaining new patents for industry-leading developments. Let’s hope that more intelligent Apple products await us in the future.


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