Xiaomi official responded to SU7 brake failure problem

Xiaomi official responded to SU7 brake failure problem

Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi Group’s public relations department, made the following statement in response to the brake failure of the Xiaomi SU7.

The problem has reportedly been resolved

For those who are not aware, early in the morning of May 9, SU7 was towed to a service center in Changsha. The shop staff checked the car and informed us that no mechanical faults/damage to the brake system were found. After running the “self-test” program, the brake fault message disappeared and the car started to function normally.

Wang Hua stated that it was indeed a software misidentification. He also added that the problem was resolved and there was no need to panic about the safety of the car. He contacted an engineer from the automotive department to resolve the issue. Here’s what happened to the car.

Xiaomi SU7 main brake system was incorrectly identified by software

After analysis, it was confirmed that the vehicle’s main brake controller system (DPB/BCP) was “misidentified and degraded”. This caused the backup braking method to be triggered, and the auxiliary brake controller (ESP/BCS) began to respond directly to ensure that the vehicle was braking and decelerating. At the same time, the vehicle’s large screen also displayed information about the brake system malfunction.

When using the backup braking system, the ESP sucks in the brake fluid from the DPB to increase the brake pressure to the wheels to stop the vehicle. As the ESP draws brake fluid from the DPB, the pressure in the master brake cylinder decreases rapidly and the driver can feel it when the pedal is applied.

As the brake system switches between primary and secondary, the initial pressure value in the main brake cylinder drops to 0. However, the SU7 never lost all of its braking power. Fortunately, the ESP took control of the situation and prevented the vehicle from losing control.

Although the car returned to normal, the user was offered a return/exchange of the car. Xiaomi Auto was also ready to cover the costs incurred in connection with the return/exchange of the car.


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