Galaxy Z Fold6 FE will be released next year

Galaxy Z Fold6 FE will be released next year

Samsung is to introduce several devices in its new Fold6 series. Samsung is expected to unveil three different devices: Galaxy Z Fold6, Fold6 Ultra, and Fold6 FE. In fact, some specs leaks about the Galaxy Z Fold6 series have appeared earlier.

Samsung took the lead in the foldable smartphone market with one of the first foldable smartphones. However, they are now lagging behind in terms of design innovation. Chinese smartphone manufacturers are producing much more compact foldable phones. Samsung, on the other hand, has been following a similar design philosophy for years, and it can be said that their foldable phones are not very comfortable to hold in your hand.

According to a recent report by ITHome, Korean tech publication The Elec claims that users may be unhappy with the design of the Galaxy Z Fold6 FE. In addition, Samsung is reportedly considering delaying the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold6 FE. We expect that only the Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 will be unveiled at Samsung’s upcoming event. The Galaxy Z Fold6 FE seems to be reserved for next year.

Perhaps Samsung is postponing the release of the Z Fold6 FE to introduce a thinner folding device. For example, while the Huawei Mate X3 is 11.8 mm thick, the Z Fold5 is 13.4 mm when folded. Given Samsung’s history with the Galaxy S series, the delay in the design of the Z Fold6 FE is not that surprising. For example, the Galaxy S23 was introduced in February 2023, and the Galaxy S23 FE in October 2023. Samsung usually reserves devices labeled “FE” for later releases.


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