Xiaomi launches a new brand called “Xiaomi Life”

Xiaomi launches a new brand called

Xiaomi has unveiled a new brand that came along with the impressive SU7 electric car – Xiaomi Life. This new venture is dedicated to creating high-quality automotive peripherals that complement the lifestyle of car owners. Customers can look forward to expressing their passion for Xiaomi and the SU7 with everything from stylish mugs and caps to functional bags and more.

The brand has placed hats, cups and even bags on the site

The launch of the Xiaomi Life brand alongside the SU7 electric vehicle appears to be a strategic move aimed at creating a lifestyle around its automotive version. This venture creates a sense of community for SU7 owners, positions the car as part of a fashionable tech image, and paves the way for future integrated car accessories, all while expanding the Xiaomi brand’s touchpoint beyond the car itself. The success of this strategy depends on the quality and design of Xiaomi Life products, but it shows that Xiaomi has ambitions that go beyond simply selling electric cars, smartphones, and consumer electronics.

Today, the company also officially presented the SU7 EV electric car. The car has been expected for a long time, and now that it’s here, it’s interesting to see what fans of Xiaomi have to say about it. The electric car is available in three trim levels – Standard, Pro, and Max – to suit different budgets and needs. Prices start at 215,900 yuan (US$29,900) and go up to 299,900 yuan (US$41,500). Deliveries are expected to begin in late April. The SU7 was designed by an entire design team with the experience of former BMW and Mercedes-Benz designers. Driver assistance systems include two options: Xiaomi Pilot Pro (similar to Tesla) and Xiaomi Pilot Max (with lidar technology). City NOA, an urban self-driving system, is also planned for a nationwide rollout in May. SU7 offers impressive connectivity options such as Apple CarPlay. Each version boasts different specifications – the Standard offers a range of 700 km and rear-wheel drive, while the top-of-the-line Max version has an impressive 2.78-second acceleration time and all-wheel drive.


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