DELTA system will integrate different types of drones

Ukrainian Delta system ready to integrate F-16

A new stage in the development of the DELTA system is the integration of different types of drones and tools for planning their operators’ work.

Data from the drones will be transmitted to DELTA in a secure manner. The system will also have tools that will allow commanders to plan the work of crews and allocate drone frequencies.

Battle management through DELTA

“This is a unique experience for the world, which Ukrainian developers from the Defense Ministry’s Innovation Center presented at the large-scale NATO conference in Dresden, TIDE Sprint 2024,” writes Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov.

According to him, a soldier on the battlefield will be able to safely log into a battle management system, including DELTA, and his commander will be able to make effective decisions because he will have a complete picture of the battlefield and see the location of his drones. In the long run, this will help to reduce the number of drones being shot down, and manufacturers will be able to plan their production better – at what frequencies and how many drones they need to produce.

“We are the first country to actively fight with drones, and the first to integrate them into situational awareness systems. Ukraine creates, develops innovations and becomes a trendsetter of defense technologies for the whole world,” the official said.

Федоров та дрони

Development of the Ministry of Defense

DELTA is a NATO-standard development of the Ministry of Defense that is used by all the Defense Forces. It is the only platform that has information about the enemy from aerial reconnaissance, satellites, drones, fixed cameras, radars, chatbots, etc.

The system provides a complete picture of the battlefield in real time. Last year, DELTA successfully passed NATO tests and showed that it is ready to integrate Western equipment.

Developers are constantly updating the system, adding new technologies to ensure that defenders have all the necessary information and access to the real picture of the battlefield.

“Innovation is our clear advantage over the enemy. We support the development of technological and innovative digital weapons,” adds Fedorov.


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