X plans to hire 100 moderators to combat child abuse content

X plans to hire 100 moderators to combat child abuse content

In response to the challenges of content moderation, particularly in dealing with child abuse content, Elon Musk’s social media company X is establishing an advanced content moderation center in Austin, Texas. The Austin center, which will employ 100 content moderators, will focus on combating these issues as well as other forms of harmful content.

Company X, owned by Elon Musk since 2022, has been criticized for controversial content and lack of an effective moderation policy. After the acquisition, there was a noticeable increase in the number of account suspensions – 12.4 million over the past year, which indicates a commitment to combating child sexual exploitation.

The current move to establish a Center of Excellence for Trust and Safety in Austin is a response to growing challenges and coincides with upcoming U.S. Senate hearings on online child sexual exploitation. The goal of hiring 100 content moderators by the end of the year underscores the urgency of strengthening the content moderation team.

Joe Benarroch, Head of Business Operations at X, emphasizes that the success of this initiative depends on finding the right talent. The team in Austin is actively building, and the hiring schedule emphasizes the need for a thorough selection process to ensure the center’s effectiveness.

The new Austin Center aims not only to combat child abuse content, but also to address a broader range of harmful content. This is in line with X’s commitment to improving content moderation and combating harm online. Focusing on child sexual exploitation is crucial, especially in light of the significant increase in suspension notices.

Since Elon Musk’s acquisition of the company, hate speech has reportedly increased on X, contradicting Musk’s claims that the platform is safer. The concern is Musk’s intention to roll back content moderation policies and reconsider bans, which creates uncertainty about future content guidelines on the platform.

Musk’s proactive stance in the fight against impersonation and disinformation is evident in his plans to relaunch Twitter Blue with improved verification systems. Despite criticism for “absolutizing freedom of speech,” Musk has promised to permanently suspend accounts that engage in parody without clear signs of parody, demonstrating his commitment to fighting abuse.

Elon Musk’s decision to establish a content moderation center in Austin reflects a strategic move aimed at strengthening the trust and security of X’s operations. By focusing on hiring specialized moderators and expanding its scope beyond child abuse content, the center aims to create a safer online environment.

Establishing a content moderation center in Austin is a bold move for X as the city’s tech hub potential grows, complementing Elon Musk’s existing presence at Tesla. The move reflects X’s commitment to addressing content moderation issues by providing a comprehensive solution to combat child sexual exploitation and other harmful content. The success of this initiative depends on effective team building, clear rules for content moderation, and proactive response to emerging issues.


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