Why Game Elements are Important in Office Interior Design

Why Game Elements are Important in Office Interior Design

In his book “Essentialism,” Greg McKeown provides examples of strategies employed by top leaders who prioritize the comfort and efficiency of their employees. Among these, he mentions a large dinosaur covered with pink flamingos near the Google building and an improv group at Twitter. It’s no coincidence that business coaches emphasize the importance of game elements in the work environment. This approach directly impacts employees’ creativity and efficiency.

The ZIKZAK Architects team brings creative, playful energy to office interiors. This fosters increased motivation and productivity, enhances creativity, improves team collaboration, reduces stress levels, attracts and retains talent, and also improves the physical health of company employees.

How do designers incorporate game elements into office interior design?

Imaginative design and flexible furniture

Vibrant colors and unconventional conceptual art objects create a playful and relaxed environment in areas where it’s needed. Flexible furniture that can be easily moved allows for quickly changing the configuration of the space depending on the activity format.

The office with an art object. Design ZIKZAK Architects
The office with an art object. Design ZIKZAK Architects

Game zones and relaxation rooms

Table tennis or billiards are excellent ways to unwind and relax during breaks throughout a busy workday. Video game consoles in specially equipped rooms help employees relax and recharge their energy.

The video game room in the office. Design ZIKZAK Architects

Interactive walls

Marker or chalk walls, where people can draw and write, foster free exchange of ideas and creativity. Modern technologies allow for the use of interactive panels for brainstorming sessions and presentations.

The brainstorming zone. Design ZIKZAK Architects

Rest and relaxation areas

Areas with soft furnishings where employees can relax are crucial for rejuvenation and refocusing. Wellness zones are corners for meditation and yoga, helping to relax and relieve stress.

Rest zone. Design ZIKZAK Architects

Active breaks

Height-adjustable desks support health and promote changes in body position throughout the day. Spaces for sports activities, mini-gyms, or areas for short workouts are already a must in corporate offices that prioritize employee well-being.

Creative workspaces

Rooms with different themes that stimulate creativity and teamwork undoubtedly contribute to efficiency. Brainstorming zones are specially designed spaces for the birth and discussion of new ideas, serving as centers for generating insights and fresh perspectives.

Thematic zone in the office. Design ZIKZAK Architects

Board games and puzzles

Large puzzles placed in common areas can become a kind of collective project for all employees. They unite and motivate, enhance team spirit and enthusiasm. The presence of board games in the office fosters camaraderie through easygoing communication.

Corporate events and activities

Well-thought-out office design allows for the perfect execution of corporate events. Organizing competitions among employees, tournaments for table tennis or video games are excellent options for shared corporate leisure. Holding themed days where employees dress according to the theme or participate in special activities is a practice that strengthens team spirit.

Art installation in the office. Design ZIKZAK Architects

Incorporating game elements into office interior design significantly enhances the atmosphere in the workplace, increases employee satisfaction, and productivity, thereby improving work efficiency and business profitability. It is important to professionally approach the design of the work environment and consider every aspect when developing an office project.

Alesia Karnaukhova, CEO of ZIKZAK Architects


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