RETN optimizes data routes to improve connectivity

RETN optimizes data routes to improve connectivity

Network solutions provider RETN is expanding Polish fiber routes, reducing latency and increasing the reliability and stability of Ukraine’s backbone.

Following the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia, according to the Telegeography 2022 report, Warsaw has become a new Internet hub for connectivity and traffic exchange between Ukraine and the world, bypassing the historic European Center in Frankfurt. An additional optical short route increases the stability of the Ukrainian Internet segment.

New line

RETN has introduced a new 150-kilometer fiber optic line between the cities of Biała Podlaska and Lublin, creating a direct route from the Baltic region to Southern Europe. This route bypasses the most volatile section near Warsaw, reducing frequent interruptions caused by highway construction work.

This strategic addition increases network reliability and route diversity, ensuring more sustainable data transmission between Ukraine and Western Europe.

Improved flexibility and reliability of communication

RETN has expanded its fiber optic network in Poland, avoiding the typical routes used by most operators. This allows for a more resilient and diversified network infrastructure. RETN can now provide high-speed connections between Frankfurt, Warsaw, Lviv and Kyiv, offering customers the flexibility to choose optical data routes and reliable telecommunications services.

This enhancement is a key element of RETN’s ongoing commitment to meeting the growing demand for reliable communications solutions in large cities, reducing the risk of single points of failure and supporting the continuous development of digital services.

Олена Луценко, директор ТОВ “РЕТН”, голова Чорноморського регіону RETN

“The new optical data route has expanded our capabilities in transporting data between Ukraine and Europe. With the new routes and improved infrastructure, RETN provides Ukrainian users with fast, stable and uninterrupted connection to the world,” says Olena Lutsenko, Director of RETN LLC, Head of the Black Sea Region of RETN.

According to her, this allows Ukrainian companies to increase productivity, develop their business and maintain international communications without interference. In addition, ensuring network reliability helps to avoid possible downtime and disruptions, which is critical.


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