What are the threats of Russian hackers if they get to email

What are the threats of Russian hackers if they get to e-mail

How can cyberattacks be used by the enemy to damage critical infrastructure? The State Service of Special Communications explains the example of hackers gaining access to corporate email.

After gaining access to an organization’s corporate mail, hackers look for:

  • Letters or documents containing complaints, reports; analytical reports on the weakest points; information on the consequences for production/supply/supply of military or civilian needs; any information on the location of critical materials for the enterprise, etc.
    This allows them to assess the effectiveness of a kinetic attack (missile hit, impact, damage, and recovery time), confirm certain intelligence, identify weaknesses, and locate critical asset storage locations (e.g., factories or enterprises where expensive Ukrainian and Western military equipment is stored or repaired).
  • Organization’s contact and correspondence databases.
    This allows them to obtain information about key people in the organization, exploit the trust of other organizations in the sector (exploitation of trust and supply chains), and distribute malware.
  • Letters from security professionals and IT administrators to executives that provide reports or context on the security controls in place and their configuration.
    This allows them to assess the ability of organizations’ IT teams and cyberattack response teams to identify all points of penetration and clean up information systems from implants, etc.
  • Technical materials, reports, presentations, reports, documentation on this or similar facilities.
    This allows them to identify further targets for both attacks and kinetic strikes to increase their impact.

As a reminder, even organizations with the best security practices need to constantly reassess risks, test and simulate various penetration scenarios and attack detection capabilities, update their knowledge, and document processes, as hostile hackers use the entire arsenal available and are constantly evolving.


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