Vodafone will reserve numbers for all subscribers for two years

Vodafone and army

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has launched an initiative to reserve mobile numbers of the fallen or missing defenders of Ukraine. Vodafone Ukraine supports this initiative.

Given the different circumstances and situations our customers may be in: at the frontline, in the temporarily occupied territory, in other regions of Ukraine or abroad, and in order to protect their interests, taking into account the security and privacy requirements of electronic communications, the company has decided not to use all deactivated numbers for 2 years without additional requests from users of such numbers.

Despite the limited numbering resource, the company is taking this step to support all its customers and make it as easy as possible to use its services during the war.

Only those numbers that have been deactivated for 2 years or more will be used for sale in Vodafone stores and on the website.


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